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Top Tips For Entertaining Your Music Fans With Creative Email Content

Email-tipsEmail lists
are still a powerful means of permission marketing. They give you a great opportunity to stay in touch with your fans and to let them know when you're on tour or have a new release. But email newsletters turn deadly when they are only about what you have to sell. Instead, think of email newsletters as a way to build relationships and include entertaining content that will interest your fans.

Email studies show that email is a popular way for people to keep up with news about things they care about. Even among teens email remains a powerful channel. But if you are using email, make sure it draws the reader in with something more than a simple call to action.

Top Tips for Entertaining Email Content:

1) Offer Something Special in Exchange for Email Addresses

"Getting the 'latest news' or 'inside scoop' on your career is nice, but offering a little something more might be the difference between getting that email or not. It could be as simple as a free MP3, and even better would be an exclusive track that can't be found anywhere else."

2) Consider Your Email List Your Official Fan Club

"Include exclusive content: slice-of-life
video clips, backstage passes, presale concert tickets…Stay relevant to
your fans' interests. Be yourself, and have fun building relationships
with your followers."

3) Include a Personal Element

"Share something non-music related…Pull people in on a human level. Make them care about you as a person, not just as a musician."

4) Think of Your Email as a Note to Friends

"If you're ever stuck for what to send your fans in the future just think about what you've been talking about with friends over the last couple of weeks and start there."

5) Always Create a Quality Email Newsletter

"One that engages your audience, makes fans feel like they've played some part in your artistic development, and then gives them the opportunity to purchase the songs, albums, T-Shirts, songwriting workshops, or concert tickets you're offering."


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