Upward Spiral #12: The Roles Of Major Labels Today, Importance Of Music Charts, And More

6a00d83451b36c69e2017c326e71de970b-800wiIn this episode, the guys are joined by music industry veteran and digital expert Rynda Laurel (Smashing Pumpkins, Chuck D / Public Enemy, Afghan Whigs), diving into a series of deep discussions on the value of major labels and the importance of music charts (or the lack thereof). Also, the group discusses recent news about Facebook, Rhapsody and Taylor Swift. All this plus beef ribs, pizza, cold-brewed coffee, and more!

The Upward Spiral is a podcast about the new music industry featuring Kyle Bylin (Live Nation Labs), music industry consultant Jason Spitz (Former Director of Marketing at Topspin), and Hypebot's Hisham Dahud (also of Fame House). Along with special guests, the group discusses current events and issues that face artists & music professionals.

Episode Contents

Special Guest: Rynda Laurel
Rynda Laurel has an extensive and highly decorated background in the music business, stemming from her early days working in A&R, artist management and soundtracks, following by an evolutionary transition into digital – specifically in the areas of social media, digital marketing and brand development.

Today, she is focused on working on the digital end of established artists like The Smashing Pumpkins, Chuck D / Public Enemy and The Afghan Whigs. Rynda also consults for music-based startups and sits on advisory boards for a number of non-profit organizations including Sweet Relief.

Given her experience and expertise across multiple facets of the music business, Rynda can oftentimes be found speaking at conferences around the world on a variety of music-related subjects.

Learn more about Rynda Laurel at www.rynda.me, or follow her on Twitter (@Rynda).




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