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Watch Saturday Night Live & Bruno Mars Lampoon Pandora [VIDEO]

image from weekend, Saturday Night Live aimed their satirical arrows at Pandora.  During the sketch, the music streaming  service goes down and an intern played by Bruno Mars is forced fill the void with parodies of Green Day, Justin Beiber, Michael Jackson and more. Mars generally does a stellar job, but in typical big media fashion, NBC appears determined to keep the clip offline. We found this embed via, shall we say, unofficial sources…

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  1. The Pandora Intern skit was absolutely hilarious to me. It was great that the producers made the show exactly to his strengths. Who knew he was so good at his impersonations! I didn’t see the show live the other night since I was working late at DISH. I set up my Hopper to automatically record SNL so I could watch it the next morning. It’s nice that I can have the entire season on my DVR, and still have plenty of recording space left over. Bruno Mars is one of my favorite artists, and I hope he hosts again in the future.

  2. Are you not American? SNL has only been on air for 33 or so years. Either you’re foreign, a child who doesn’t stay up late on a Saturday, or you’re retarded.

  3. American, with a life (ie: not home on a Saturday night), not retarded, and being sarcastic, you genius. SNL hasn’t been relevant in years was my point.
    And how was this 3-minute Pandora commercial a “lampooning”??
    My grandma (home on a Saturday night and still owns a television) has now discovered Pandora (and Bruno Mars for that matter)!

  4. Who knew Bruno Mars is so talented! I didn’t care for him before but after watching SNL this weekend, I am a HUGE Bruno Mars fan now. The Pandora skit has got to be one of the best that SNL has done in a long time. Way to go, Bruno!

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