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5 Kickstarter Killers Your Band Should Avoid Like the Plague

musicians are looking to Kickstarter to help fund a new album or other
musical project. A Kickstarter campaign can be beneficial if done right,
but can fail for various reasons. On Music Think Tank, Levi James,
founder of Launch & Release, has found 5 things that could be the
reason your Kickstarter project failed. Have you used Kickstarter to
fund a project?    

Kickstarter is a personal project that requires you to reach out and
connect one-on-one with many people.  Simply sending out a mass email
and spamming your Facebook page for a month will not lead to success.”

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  1. This is great! If anyone is serious about running a Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming album or something similar, I wrote a comprehensive piece on How I Made $13,544 In a Month with the dos and don’ts. It’s extensive… so read on if you’re serious!
    Ari Herstand
    (The Business Behind Full-Time Independent Music)

  2. Glad you liked it Ari,
    We post a new music Kickstarter project analysis every day at
    Head on over and sign up for our email list to raise $500 to $5k more money just by studying the right band Kickstarters.
    Ari, it would be fun to profile your Kickstarter project since your article provides a lot of context. I may email you next week with a few questions.


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