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Bikes-rock-merch-tableYour merch game may start with a t-shirt and you should definitely have some of those. But to really please your fans while maximizing your revenue, getting creative with music merch is the way to go. At a recent CMJ panel, a group of music entrepreneurs and artists gathered to share their perspectives on going "beyond the tour t-shirt."

CMJ 2012 included a variety of educational panels including "Modern Merch: Beyond the Tour T-Shirt." The panel was moderated by Digital Cowboys' Dave Kusek who is co-founder and Chairman of the still to launch Merchluv. Panelists included Zach Bair, Mary Sparr and Alexandra Starlight.


Button & Postcard Set from Alexandra & The Starlight Band

Ale Delgado attended the panel and came away with 5 Ways To Go "Beyond the Tour T-Shirt" plus a bonus tip. I've taken the liberty of summarizing them as:

6 Tips For Upping Your Merch Game

1. Think of merch as an extension of your brand

Example: Alexandra Starlight's "one-of-a-kind rainbow glitter vinyl record" is a great match for her style and image.

2. Cater to your spectrum of fans

"You should have something at your merch table for the fan who just wants to snatch a free download card and for the fan who wants to buy everything."

3. Be show-specific

Example: Mumford & Sons created a ticket passport that could be stamped at the merch table at each show for those following the tour.

4. Work your merch like a pop-up shop

Display items so they're easy to see, stay organized and provide friendly customer service.

5. Extend the experience

Example: "Make sure there’s someone taking pictures of your show, including grabbing a few shots of the crowd. Then post it on Facebook and encourage your fans to tag themselves."

6. Include limited edition collectibles

Example: The Hold Steady Foam Hand is sold out and likely to be on display in the homes of fans.

It's an insightful post and well worth a closer look.


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