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Alternative Entrepreneurship

in the music industry and DIY musicians are entrepreneurs. They must
build their own business or fan base. Being an entrepreneur has its
benefits, but can be risky. There is a way to avoid some of the risk of
being an entrepreneur. Some forget that there is a concept called
intrapreneurship where employees act like entrepreneurs within a
company. Since many are predicting that we’ll increasingly get our
information from a few trusted brands, people should learn more about
intrapreneurship and its benefits. Read on Music Think Tank for Jacob
’s thoughts on intrapreneurship and innovation.

“Intrapreneurship only makes sense if the goals of the intrapreneur and the resources of the company align.”

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What do you think of intrapreneurship versus entrepreneurship?

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  1. This was a good post from Jacob on MTT.
    I’m lucky enough to be an intrapreneurial musician and everything works beautifully. We are all on the same page and have all the same goals, so I get free reign. There is no stifled creativity whatsoever, and I could care less about being the center of attention. My bosses are my friends and mentors who are extremely passionate about the arts. I get paid to play my guitar all week and play in a great band 50 weekends/year. It’s way too much fun!
    I would caution anyone reading the article to check your motives when considering an intrapreneurship. If you are interested in simply using someone else’s resources just to further your own career without any consideration of the company you work for, that’s just selfish and it won’t work. I’ve seen this happen and it gets quite ugly. Relationships suffer, reputations are destroyed, and there can even be serious legal repercussions.
    I still get to pursue my entrepreneurship as a composer/publisher on the side because of how different the two gigs are. The only “downside” is I don’t get to spend as much time on my solo project as I would like to. I hardly call it downside considering I get to have a full time job with benefits.

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