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BandPage Launches ‘Connect’ To Integrate Artist Profiles Across Social & Music Platforms

3258633f-6fce-403c-b25a-9acac57c2424BandPage today announced the launch of their BandPage Connect API, widening the reach for musicians on their recently expanded
BandPage Everywhere platform. Connect allows artists to instantly integrate
their BandPage profile onto several social and music platforms
across the web
for free, including initial launch partners WordPressGuitar CenterMidem Music FestivalPledgeMusicConduit MobileEarbits, StoryAmpTixieMusic XRayLocal Music VibeWeDemand and The Social Radio.

With the release of their BandPage Everywhere
product, musicians could update their content from one
place and publish straight to their website or blog. With the new BandPage
Connect API, any online or mobile platform can quickly pull in content once a
musician has connected, allowing them to update their profile at any time
within BandPage. If one were to add a new tour date, profile picture or update their
bio for instance, that change would automatically be reflected on any site that
they've connected their BandPage profile to.

“There’s a need for a better infrastructure for
musicians across the web and we’re laying the pipes to do it,” says BandPage
Founder and CEO J Sider. “With BandPage Connect, external sites win because
they get up-to-date rich content from musicians, and musicians win because it
takes a fragmented ecosystem of sites to manage and pulls it all

The San Francisco-based company has also launched BandPage Connect Center
in conjunction with BandPage Connect, where musicians
are able to discover new opportunities through Connect’s partners. Examples
include setting up a mobile app with Conduit or raising funds for tour through

The BandPage Connect API is open for any and all developers to sign up and
start using right away on the BandPage Developer Portal.

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Hisham Dahud is a Senior Analyst for Additionally, he is the head of Business Development for Fame House and an independent musician. Follow him on Twitter@HishamDahud

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