iTunes 11 Is Finally Here

image from www.hypebot.comApple began pushing iTunes 11 out to users today, almost two months after the company's original release date.  We'll have a hands on review of this major upgrade soon. Until then are are some of the new features:

  •     Sleeker layout
  •     New library views
  •     improved iCloud integration
  •     a mini-player
  •     Instant recommendations and know what's playing next
  •     Preview history
  •     improved search

 What do you think of the new iTunes 11?  Was it worth the wait?

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  1. One nice improvement is that they now allow more characters for album titles. No more Dark Side or the M…..! Abbreviated album titles was a flaw that should have been corrected a long time ago. Who knows, maybe now we can hope for an IMAC drive slot that doesn’t scratch your CD’s. Another very overlooked flaw that makes Apple look like they are out of touch with consumer needs.

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