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Music Marketing – The Ultimate Guide For Beginners Part 2

a musician, you work hard to create music and probably want people to
hear it. In order for people to hear or find your music, you have to
market it in some way. Are you having trouble marketing your music?
Check out Shaun Letang’s post on Music Think Tank for tips on making
yourself stand out from the crowd, how to make fans happy to promote
you, and reasons to not spread your marketing too thin.  

“Adding a unique selling point
to good music will help potential fans choose to follow you over
others. It’ll also help people relate to you, and hopefully buy into
your brand for the long-term.”

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  1. Looks like a good article, but I’ve clicked through 5 sites and received 4 e-mails and I’ve still not been able to read the whole article.

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