Musicraiser Launches Music Crowdfunding Platform & Support Network

MusicraiserMusicraiser is a new music crowdfunding platform based in Italy. They recently added English launguage support with German, Spanish and Portuguese on the way. Musicraiser emphasizes the involvement of musicians in the service and is also developing a professional support network.

Musicraiser is embarking on the difficult process of serving users from different nations in multiple languages and currencies. Though one can choose one's language, not all the campaigns are currently translated into other languages.

Musicraiser does present the possibility of translating campaigns into multiple languages however music crowdfunding has not relied on the platform so much as on one's own fanbase and ability to recruit new supporters. But a site designed to support multiple languages does suggest that an artist with a multilingual fanbase might want to offer their campaign in more than one language.

Musicraiser's FAQ reveals the basic details including a 10% fee to Musicraiser plus VAT and transaction costs (be sure to check on those for your location). Funding is "all or nothing" so fundees receive money only if they reach 100% of their campaign goal. Contributors are charged immediately and refunded if the campaign is not successful.

Musicraiser's plan to develop a network of supportive professionals and service providers is an interesting idea. It will be particularly useful if it offers special opportunities or discounts to participants.


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