Social Media Tools: Wikipedia x Video, ThingLink x Twitter, SumAll x Instagram Analytics

Sumall-adds-instagramAlthough social media marketing can really get overwhelming even to the pros, sometimes it's worth stepping back and remembering just how many amazing products we now get for free. Back in the day artists were lucky to get a free events listing in the local paper and a spot for one's flyers on telephone poles without being harassed by cops. With Wikipedia making video a bit easier to add, ThingLink joining the Twitter embed scene and SumAll adding Instagram analytics, there's a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.

Wikipedia Supports HTML5 Video

Though I've never seen video content on Wikpedia apparently it's been there and now there's going to be more. Wikipedia has introduced a new HTML5 video player developed by Kaltura. It's supported by MediaWiki and relies on an extension called TimedMediaHandler.

VentureBeat's Meghan Kelly has a bit more information about the player and the backstory.

Given that Wikipedia's editing culture is somewhat of a cracked mirror universe, I'm not sure how music videos would fit in but I imagine music documentaries would be acceptable. I did search a bit for Wikipedia video posting guidelines but could only find editorial comments trashing YouTube video stars. You're on your own on this one.


ThingLink Interactive Images Now on Twitter

I recently mentioned the growing number of content companies such as Indaba using Twitter Cards to make their content embeddable in tweets.

Recently ThingLink joined the crowd making their interactive images embeddable on Twitter.

SumAll Adds Instagram Analytics

SumAll is a free analytics tool with premium features on the way. We haven't mentioned it at Hypebot but it definitely deserves a closer look. The news that they've added Instagram to their analytics chart is worth mentioning till that happens:

"So what kind of data can you see when you hook up your Instagram account with us? For starters, see the amount of followers you've gained each day and correlate that with advocacy activity to see if all those photo 'likes' are increasing your followers count. Advocacy activity is the amount of likes and comments your photos receive – which you can filter down."

"You can also see how many images you post a day and what the top ten photo filters you use are. Pull up your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with your Google Analytics to get the full picture on how much traffic your social activity is really directing."

This extremely useful sounding tool now connects to the following platforms with an ecommerce emphasis in addition to social media marketing:

Instagram, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google Analytics, PayPal, eBay, Shopify and Bigcommerce.

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Cinemagram & Twitter

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