TuneCore Launches In Japan, More Country Specific Sites Expected

image from www.google.comFlat fee digital music distributor TuneCore has launched in Japan. Artists in Japan will be able to
sell in online stores like iTunes and AmazonMP3, with more stores expected. TuneCore has previously been used internationally, but this is the distributor's first country-specific site.

Japan has been late to the digital music market; and Tunecore will likely follow it with more country specific distribution portals.  In addition to streamlining the distribution process for both artists and providers, one of the
key functions of the TuneCore Japan platform is the ability to
buy services and receive payments in Yen.

“We wanted to build a platform that could be used worldwide,”
said Iichiro, CEO of TuneCore Japan. “Our goal is to help Japanese artists to
gain recognition in a global music marketplace."


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  1. I am going to undercut all this Joint Venture BS because like it or not once the Japanese music industry gets hold of this it is all going to shit. Bring it on Noda Iichiro. Why don’t you think of something original for once!!!!

  2. Hola soy Mexicano y he teminado un Album con 8 canciònes de metal industrial , Angel de La Santa FE ES EL TITULO , y esta super , estou interesado en subir mi musica en TNECORE JAPAN ,,,, es posible si soy Mexicano y quiero promocionarme alla en Japon ???

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