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Tunezy Pivots From Social Record Label To Unique Ecommerce Platform For Musicians

is an ecommerce platform for musicians featuring music merch, "experiences" and web concerts. Musicians can sell from their own pages with widgets for social network sites. It's a smart combination of product offerings and a smart move away from what was initially described as a "social record label."

Tunezy only recently launched to the general public but is now open to fans and musicians. Earlier this year they won an investment competition, received funding from Intertainment Media and were described as:

"a direct musician-to-fan 'social record label' where individuals can closely follow and help promote their favorite independent musicians…Set to launch the private beta this summer, the site will provide a social platform where emerging musicians can grow their careers."

The basic idea seemed to be that Tunezy would feature indie musicians and fans would support them by tipping using a virtual currency called "Notes." Fans could up their supply of Notes by buying more using real currency. There was also talk of a marketplace and the statement:

"we also hope to open up the marketplace to fans so they can spend their notes on cool experiences, like concert tickets or Skype chats with their favourite band."

Since the spring Tunezy appears to have pivoted from a variation on an idea with which a number of startups have struggled and focused in on facilitating ecommerce for musicians.


Tunezy Bundles Together 3 Areas Usually Treated Separately

They have a unique take on a music ecommerce platform providing individual "marketplaces" that can offer sales of physical merch and of experiences from individual meetings to private online concerts as well as handle ticketing and webcasting for online concerts. Many of the concepts related to "Notes" remain a feature of the platform.

Tunezy essentially bundles together a group of products and services that previously required at least two service providers. In addition, they combine all the offerings in a marketplace that appeal to both everyday fans with products like tshirts and to superfans with more exclusive and pricier options.

For more info on fees, revenue and related topics see the Help Center including fees charged by Tunezy. Payments from customers and to musicians are handled by PayPal.

Tunezy recently won the Innovators Showcase at Billboard's FutureSound conference for the new version.


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