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Upward Spiral Podcast 13: Interview With Jack Conte Of Pomplamoose, Talyor Swift, DJZ & More

6a00d83451b36c69e2017ee466a84d970d-800wiIn this episode, Jack Conte of Pomplamoose lets loose in a passionate and brutally honest interview. He offers blunt insights into his band's success (and its shortcomings), and discusses the value of experimentation and the pitfalls of fan feedback. Plus, we cover the news on Taylor Swift and DJZ, the new EDM website by the founder of

The Upward Spiral is a podcast about the new music industry featuring Kyle Bylin (Live Nation Labs), music industry consultant Jason Spitz (Former Director of Marketing at Topspin), and Hypebot's Hisham Dahud (also of Fame House). Along with special guests, the group discusses current events and issues that face artists & music professionals.

Episode Contents

Special Guest: Jack Conte of Pomplamoose

Listen to Episode 12:

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  1. Thanks guys, that was awesome.
    With so much sugar coating and tip-toeing in this relationship based industry it was VERY refreshing to hear such unencumbered honesty from Conte. I never respected cover bands, but have found a new respect for this guy after hearing this interview.
    Although one issue for me is the matter of iteration that was discussed, that is where I start to smell “sell out”. Tweak it until it works? Sounds right as a business model, but can genuine art be made by going where the money is?

  2. I think “iteration” refers more to “methods of releasing & promoting your music” rather than “the music itself”. Jack talks about how, at the time, he was spending time & effort on MySpace, and he happened to notice that YouTube was taking off. So he decided to iterate his marketing focus from MySpace to YouTube. The lesson is: keep trying to reach people in different ways, with unique ideas, until you find one that works. But all along the way, be true to yourself and the art you want to make. Dig?

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