Usually Secretive Bandcamp Shares Two Impressive Direct-To-Fan Stats

image from t2.gstatic.comDirect to fan provider BandCamp never touts its accomplishments.  Many popular indie artists like Amanda Palmer, Zoe Keating and Sufjan Stevens use Bandcamp.  But unlike their competitors, the company never sends out press releases announcing milestones, new features or strategic partnerships.  Occassional announcements come without fanfare on their blog. But at last week's FutureSound conference, Bandcamp CEO/Co-founder Ethan Diamond shared to impressive stats:

  • Bandcamp paid out $1.7 million to artists in the last 30 days.
  • Amanda Palmer sold $15,000 of music and merch from her Bandcamp page in just three minutes this Summer

      We'd love to drill down more.  Of that $1.7 million, how many artists made more than $100 last month on Bandcamp?  What % of an average sale is music vs. merch?  What music formats sell?  Important questions for those who care about d.i.y.  We'd love to publish Bandcamp's answers.

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      1. $1.7 Million divided by 650,000 artists on bandcamp =
        $2.61 per artist per month, on average.
        Would be great if you could get an answer as to how those $s are distributed across those artists. Averages can sometimes be a misleading way to look at an issue.
        This data would suggest that bandcamp is running at a $3 Million revenue run rate (assuming 15% take).

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      3. It is the lack of tooting their own horn that drew me in to using Band Camp over all of the other music sites. It is simple and there is no air of pitting musicians against each other (like Reverb nation and the like). I use Band Camp to give away the same music I do sell on iTunes. I am about to start selling some mercy on BC, so we will have to see how that goes.

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