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You Bought It, You Own It, You Should Be Able to Do What You Want With It.

you purchase a song, you have certain rights like the ability to access
the file. The First Sale Doctrine gives people the right to lend,
resell, or give away works that they have bought. (applies to physical
media or license-free downloads) Currently, the US Supreme Court is
dealing with the case of Kirtsaeng v. Wiley that
could undermine the First Sale Doctrine and make ownership feel more
like licensing. On Music Think Tank, Tom Dennehy posts about the
possible implications of this case and the First Sale Doctrine. What do
you think of this case?

“The so-called “Parade of Horribles
resulting from a ruling for Wiley are many and far-reaching: foreign
manufacturers like Toyota having to seek permission from all owners of
copyrighted content in their vehicles before import and sale in the

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  1. As I agree with what is being said here, and believe that we should be able to retain the rights that we have, there is something a off on this post. Even with the First Sales Doctrine, you DO NOT have the right to resell copyrighted material. This is an exact demonstration of copyright infringement, you cannot make monetary gain off of someone else’s creative works…..

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