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2012 A Jam Odyssey Revisits Your Music From A Year Of This Is My Jam

2012_jam_odysseyBy Eliot Van Buskirk of

In a time of musical deluge, when the stuff seems to come at us from all angles from so many firehoses, This Is My Jam represents a refreshing glass of water. Rather than sharing everything you listen to with the world or all of your friends, the service encourages you to post a single song. Just one. And it turns the single-song postings of everyone you follow into a radio station made up only of music people really love.

I can’t stop using This Is My Jam — both the web/mobile app and the Spotify app. (This is my jam as of right now.)

And thanks to This Is My Jam Odyssey, the fun doesn’t stop when the year ends. Here is most of my entire year of jams (the app maxes out at around 100 songs), presented as one big mix with automatic mixing intelligence between each song snippet. Essentially, this new Odyssey function lets you listen to all of your favorite songs of the year (or those of someone else) in mere minutes.

2012: A JAM ODYSSEY was built as a holiday hack and a present to you, the lovely people of Jam, to celebrate a great year of sharing favorite songs. We made it very late at night, so it works best in Chrome or Safari on a fast machine. Under the hood, Jam Odyssey is powered by a year’s worth of Jam data and The Echo Nest Remix’s [it also publishes].

The critics have assembled their year-end lists, and those are great. We even painstakingly assembled them into playable charts.

But it’s also nice to be able to hear all of your favorite jams from 2012 — or even someone else’s favorite jams, for that matter. This Is My Jam Odyssey makes that dream a reality — and if you want to hear full versions of the songs instead of the automatically-generated mega-mix, it offers links to Spotify for the full playlists.

Note: This Is My Jam’s Matthew Ogle tells that tomorrow (Wednesday), this thing will be announced publicly, at which point it should run a bit faster when you create your odyssey.

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