7 Blogging Tips For Musicians

Music-stencilChris Rockett convened a virtual Musician's Blogging Summit gathering statements from a number of different bloggers, many who focus on music marketing, about "blogging that gets attention." The responses varied widely but most counseled creating content on a consistent basis that represents you and the world around you.

The Musician’s Blogging Summit convened in response to the question:

"What are the secrets of entertaining blogging that gets attention?"

Rockett ended up getting a broad range of responses that ranged from simple tips to psychological strategies. Here are some standout quotes on blogging for musicians.

7 Blogging Tips For Musicians

Chris Robley

Keep it short, keep it simple, and keep it visual.

Shaun Letang

Show The Real You!

Carla Lynne Hall

One of the great things about blogs is that they’re written casually. Imagine that you’re writing a letter to a friend, not to a school headmaster. The more down-to-earth your writing is, the better. To make sure your writing is tight, read your blog post out loud.

Clyde Smith

Tell the Stories Behind Your Photos

David Hooper

The biggest tip I have for musicians who are blogging is to be on the lookout for interesting things that happen during the day, even if they’re not music related, and share them.

Bob Baker

Promote new music projects as you create them.

Chris Robley

If you invest MOST of your energy into producing compelling and professional music, videos, artwork, website design, tour posters, and photographs—and if you work to create memorable REAL LIFE experiences—the blogging will take care of itself.

Update: In an odd bit of timing the Musician's Blogging Summit is now available as a free ebook.


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