8 Tips For Making Your First Music Video

One-up-englehardtWhile I think music videos are a must have for any musician building a career, Cheryl B. Engelhardt says she always thought of videos as being for "serious rockers, famous artists, or singers with money to burn." However she wanted to push her album "One Up" and so she made a music video and learned a lot in the process. Here are 8 tips for making your first music video based on what she learned.

Cheryl B. Engelhardt created the below video for the single "Steaming Hearts" off her 2011 release "One Up" (iTunes/CD Baby. It's a nice complement to the song and, rather than illustrating it literally, creates a series of strong images that relate to the lyrics without limiting their potential meaning.

8 Tips for Making Your First Music Video

1) Ask yourself why you want a video. What is the result you are trying to produce?

2) Have someone come up with a story.

3) Modify the story to meet realistic costs.

4) Let the snowball effect happen, and budget for it.

5) Share about your video, and make requests everywhere you can!

6) Build up to the release!

7) Collaborate with your video’s products.

8) Get a marketing team behind your video.

Cheryl B. Engelhardt shared what she learned making her first music video in a post for Echoes. She tells the story of that process in the course of sharing the above 8 tips and it's well worth a read.


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