CD Baby Milestone: $250M Paid To Indie Musicians

image from ww1.prweb.comCD Baby, founded as a backroom enterprise by Derek Sivers and sold to DiscMakers in 2008, announced that it has paid
out over $250 million to artists for digital download
sales, on-demand streaming revenue, physical CD sales, and sync licensing royalties.  $50 million was paid in this year alone.

“For years, we’ve been paying musicians every single Monday,” says CD Baby president Brian Felsen. “but to have hit the 250 million mark for payouts – that’s a big achievement for the artists who work with CD Baby, and I want to both congratulate and thank them.”

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  1. Well, glad to hear that. But how much each artist was paid, actually ? An average number, maybe ? or more insights ? leveraged stats ? such as how many got paid 50$ a year ? 500$ a year ? 50000 ?
    This stat doesn’t mean anything but the gross revenue the company gets from its long tale business model…
    “Amusing” to see one of those announcements again, actually…

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