Music Ecommerce News: Chill Direct Goes D2F, Card Included Launches, Kout Becomes Ribbon

Chill-direct-logoChill introduces a new platform for direct to fan video sales called Chill Direct that takes some interesting pointers from crowdfunding. Definitely worth a look for anyone with feature-length projects and possibly even music video compilations. In related ecommerce news, music download card service Card Included launches out of beta and one-click ecommerce service Kout rebrands as Ribbon.

Chill Introduces Chill Direct for D2F Video Sales

Chill launched last year as the "Turntable.fm for Videos" eventually pivoting into a video sharing site. Now they're building on their community of video watchers with a D2F platform for direct sales of digital video downloads with some interesting elements inspired by crowdfunding.

Chill Direct aka the Chill Store is more than a simple digital download ecommerce site. Features include DRM-free downloads and HD streaming on any device, analytics that help answer such questions as "Do Twitter followers buy more than Facebook fans?" and additional distribution options.

The page for indie music driven film "Julien & Claire" reveals numerous touches taken from crowdfunding campaigns from the page layout to the bundles that combine video downloads with "experiences" such as a song performed via Skype that's similar to a campaign reward. Smart use of the preorder campaign tactics that have worked so well for crowdfunders.

Here's more on Chill Direct from Lucas Shaw at The Wrap.

Card Included Launches Out of Beta

Card Included launched in beta earlier this year offering low cost diy music download cards and downloads.

They recently announced their official launch out of beta with some improvements including lossless audio via Limited Run. To celebrate they are "giving all customers the lossless audio upload feature for 20% off the already cheap price of 1 cent per 20 MB."

Kout Rebrands as Ribbon: Sell Anything Anywhere

Kout launched earlier this year as part of a crop of simple ecommerce options that are not music-specific but relevant nonetheless.

They recently rebranded as Ribbon with one-click checkout options tailored to specific social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Currently Ribbon offers digital downloads but is designed to "sell anything."

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