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KISS Radio Remixer App Encourages Additional Music Sales

Kiss-remixerLast week interactive audio company Soniqplay announced the release of the KISS Remixer for iOS and Blackberry. The UK-based KISS radio stations will promote the free app which will allow listeners to download and remix both free and paid tracks that can then be shared. Unfortunately it's not available in the States but it's an interesting example of using tech to create additional reasons for purchasing music.

KISS Remixer for iOS from Soniqplay

Soniqplay and Bauer Media's UK-based KISS radio stations partnered to create the KISS Remixer app for iOS and BlackBerry. Soniqplay announced:

"The KISS Remixer app allows users to easily create their own remix of their favourite tracks from the KISS playlist. The app contains the different elements of a song – vocals, guitar, drums etc and allows the user to remix it however they wish, adding simple DJ effects on top. Their creations can be shared via Twitter and Facebook and can be saved to be played back later. Each track will be made available to users for £1.99 through an inapp storefront."

Free tracks are also being offered in what is likely a promotional deal with labels. Soniqplay did clarify that they "put in place deals with the majority of major record labels and music publishers to ensure a constant flow of new content which will be announced on-air as well as online." In addition, paid downloads are reported to the Official Charts Company and affect weekly chart status.

You can get a sense of how the KISS Remixer works from the above video and check out some screenshots as well.

Soniqplay recently took first place in the Music Industry Blog Start-Up Showcase.

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