Music Video Tools: Easy Video Remixes, Facebook Photo Videos, YouTube Marketing

Popcorn-logo-bigThough making a great music video is no easy task, the range of free and easy to access tools for making videos and increasing their impact continue to proliferate. Mozilla's Popcorn Maker offers video content augmentation, Animoto's video creator draws on Facebook pics and FanBridge introduced new YouTube marketing tools.

Mozilla Popcorn Maker (Silent Slide Show)

Mozilla's Popcorn Maker is a pretty cool browser-based editing tool that was introduced last month drawing on Popcorn.js. It allows you to start with a video and layer in other elements from the web from text to visual material.

Check the tutorial for a quick clear introduction to what Popcorn Maker does. The examples on the project's homepage that I saw looked a bit clunky but I could see some cool music projects coming out of this. Also would be useful for tour diaries and the like.

Additional how to guides.

Animoto Facebook Videos

Animoto's "Best Of 2012 Facebook Video" initially creates a highlight video from 2012 Facebook account pics featuring those that are most Liked or commented upon. After that's created, "photos can be edited, video clips can be added, music changed, captions updated, and much more."

Sounds like a neat way to turn your Facebook photo posting into a unique promo video, especially if you get in on it early. After all, not everyone can leverage JibJab's Gangnam Style video creator.

FanBridge Video Gating

FanBridge recently introduced two new video tools, YouTube Video Answers and Video Gating.

Video Answers suggest some unique possibilities for fan engagement but Video Gating may be the more widely useful tool. By requiring an email signup to view a video, a quick intrusion can help build one's list. That said, this only works if people really want to see the video.

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