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iTunes Music Store Adds 56 Countries, GeoRiot Provides Nation-Specific Affiliate Links

Itunes-store[UPDATED] Yesterday Apple expanded the iTunes Music Store into 56 new countries including Russia, Turkey, India and South Africa increasing their reach to 119 countries. GeoRiot, a company which provides location specific iTunes affiliate links, quickly followed and are already serving links for the new stores. [Full list of countries after the jump.]

Apple officially announced the availability of the iTunes Store in 56 new countries. Though their announcement only mentions Russia, Turkey, India and South Africa, MacRumors has developed a full list. GeoRiot has a more complete list of what's available from iTunes in which countries.

Movies are included in a handful of countries with music being available to all. It's unclear what's happening with other media but musicians have a unique opportunity to profit from the opening up of new markets for music on iTunes. Setting up affiliate accounts via iTunes' affiliate program will add some additional revenue from any music sold.

I've previously written on using services that provide international links for music on iTunes. One such company, GeoRiot has already made links for all new stores available.

Basically you sign up for the iTunes Affiliate Program, set up an account with GeoRiot and all your music links become nation-specific. You then have to add each individual country to benefit from sales. Using GeoRiot allows you to serve your customers usable links while giving you the data you need to identify markets both for joining that nation's affiliate program and for additional localized activity.

GeoRiot also recently added unified reporting for iTunes affiliate accounts eliminating the need to check individual accounts while adding the ability to compare activity across nations.

A Full List Of The New Countries:

1. Anguilla
2. Antigua & Barbuda
3. Armenia
4. Azerbaijan
5. Bahamas
6. Bahrain
7. Barbados
8. Belarus
9. Belize
10. Bermuda
11. Botswana
12. Burkina-Faso
13. Cape Verde
14. Cayman Islands
15. Dominica
16. Egypt
17. Fiji
18. Gambia
19. Ghana
20. Grenada
21. Guinea-Bissau
22. India
23. Indonesia
24. Israel
25. Russia
26. Saudi Arabia
27. South Africa
28. Turkey
29. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
30. Jordan
31. Kazakhstan
32. Kenya
33. Kyrgyzstan
34. Lebanon
35. Mauritius
36. Micronesia, Fed States of
37. Moldova
38. Mongolia
39. Mozambique
40. Namibia
41. Nepal
42. Niger
43. Nigeria
44. Oman
45. Papua New Guinea
46. Qatar
47. Saint Kitts and Nevis
48. Swaziland
49. Tajikistan
50. Trinidad and Tobago
51. Turkmenistan
52. Uganda
53. Ukraine
54. Uzbekistan
55. Virgin Islands, British
56. Zimbabwe

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