Apps, Mobile & SMS Pivots To Pandora-like Piki

image from's no secret that's once impressive traffic has fallen sharply and shows no signs of rebounding.  So it's no surprise that the company is pivoting to launch a new almost entirely unrelated product. The new social music site and app, Piki, offers online radio-like streams from songs users choose combined with those tagged by friends.

Piki borrows a lot from Pandora. Songza and 8Tracks with an even heavier emphasis on social. The company says it's been working on the concept for a year.

But can Piki compete with more established players ranging from Spotify to Pandora? “There’s still demand to listen to music that’s powered by other people, instead of an algorithm like Pandora,” Billy Chasen, co-founder and CEO of Turntable told TechCrunch. “But instead of having it in very real-time, in a room like Turntable, we are providing a laid-back experience with Piki.”

You can register here for Piki invites being sent out within the next few days. An iOS app will reportedly launch in a month or two. Until then here's the teaser video:

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  1. Just to be clear, is not shutting down. My understanding is that is a new social streaming music service that will complement turntable’s “lean-forward” experience, not replace it.

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