Viewbix Video Player Augments Music Videos

Viewbix-logoViewbix' video player
allows you to take a YouTube or similar embeddable video and add a variety of options from calls to action to in-player content including photos and audio clips. Links to social media accounts are also an option. Viewbix offers a way to enhance videos without cluttering up the image with ads or clickable tags as one might on YouTube and is easy to share and embed.

Viewbix in Action

It's pretty tough to beat YouTube or Vimeo for presenting one's music videos or other video content. They're easy to embed and YouTube, in particular, is developing in-video links and ads that travel with the video.

But in-video additions can be really distracting from one's music video. Another option is to use an embeddable video player and encourage their use but many I've seen in the past were a bit bulky and didn't perform that well.

Granted, the only Viewbix players I've seen in action were those featured on the company website but they all loaded speedily along with the embedded video and the overall player isn't that much bigger than the video itself.

Viewbix offers a freemium level with limited apps. But with 10,000 impressions a month and such apps as email signup, Google Maps for events, Twitter and photo feeds, free is a pretty generous option.

The audio option is reserved for the Pro level and it allows you to upload music to play in the Viewbix player.

The intro video above shows the player in action with social media links, a call to action and additional content viewable in the player. The bars currently jutting out across the image recede when the video is played.

If you're looking for ways to maximize the impact of your videos, Viewbix is definitely worth a look.

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