What To Expect At Today’s Spotify Announcement

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(UPDATED) Today's Announcement: Spotify Takes On Music Discovery

Spotify has promised a major announcement mid-day today and we'll be covering it live on Twitter (@hypebot). The music streaming leader says we'll "Discover What's Next" today. Here's what insiders and the rumor mill say that will be:

  • TechCrunch says: "Spotify will launch an overhauled asymmetrical following system, akin to Twitter. New users will be shown suggestions of people to follow. Those could be musicians they Like on Facebook, people with similar tastes to them, and notable public figures. Spotify will also be aggressively promoting its following suggestions to existing users." The goal is more social activity, more music discovery and a more satisfying passive music experience.
  • Our sources confirm a similar announcement with playlist options and more additional participation from new and existing app partners, who will over time become even more important to the Spotify eco-system.
  • Any moves to increase the influence of artists on Spotify will be welcomed by critics clamoring for Spotify to do more to promote artists and the artist-fan connection.

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