5 Tips For Indie Musicians Who Want To Go Global

Martin-frascognaEntertainment attorney Marty Frascogna shares some basic tips for taking an indie music act overseas. In fact, Frascogna maintains that it's easier for indie acts to go international than it is for major acts. I assume by that he means more complicated but, be that as it may, his tip video is a great introduction to some of the ways touring internationally can be different from touring in the States.

Though Marty Frascogna terms himself an "entertainment attorney," he's primarily focused on music as you can see from his official blog Music Globalization. Earlier this months, Frascogna shared 5 tips for expanding indie music internationally, one of his areas of expertise.

How To Expand Indie Music Internationally

The above video is around 8 minutes but it's worth every minute for a fuller take on each of the following tips.

5 Tips For Indie Musicians Who Want To Go Global

#1 Think Like A Business

#2 Reject Traditional Methods of Promotion

#3 Get A Local Contact

#4 Bankroll Tour On Someone Else's Dime

#5 Get Legal

Via Musformation who have an older but closely related interview with Marty Frascogna on international touring.

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