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Avicii & Ericcson Partner To Crowdsource EDM Hit

Avicii-x-youYesterday EDM star Avicii launched what sponsoring partner Ericcson terms the "world's largest collaboration." Called Avicii X You, the project aims to crowdsource an EDM hit using the web. It's off to a good start with hundreds of participants, positive press for Avicii and more support for Ericcson's focus on the "Networked Society."

Launch Teaser for Avicii x You

Avicii teamed with communication tech company Ericcson for Avicii X You. According to Ericsson's announcement:

"The project begins with asking Avicii's fans and producers from all over the world to contribute sound files over the internet…Avicii will act as executive producer, curating content like the bassline, effects, melody, rhythms, and vocals from contributors. He will then create the world's first 'crowdsourced' hit song, with a release date February 26, 2013."

The Avicii X You website has some nice features. For example, you can follow the progress of "the track" which is currently in the Melody stage.

Assuming each stage is organized the same way, Avicii provides both a thematic video and downloadable audio assets to get people started. They then create whatever's called for at that stage and upload the audio. Once the deadline is reached listeners can vote on the best submissions for that element of the track.

Collaborators are credited for participation and also rewarded for achieving various levels from "Rookie" to "Featured Producer."

Income from the track will be donated to Avicii's House for Hunger.

Avicii X You is certainly not the first crowdsourced music project but it seems well-organized and likely to result in some attention for Avicii and participants as well as support for the hungry. But what does Ericcson get out of it?

Except for the press release, most of the media attention from news outlets to social media focuses on Avicii so this isn't about pushing Ericcson's brand to consumers. It's more part of Ericcson's effort to position themselves as industry thought leaders of the Networked Society for B2B partners and potential partners.

The possibility that this process will produce a hit has been raised. If that goal is achieved, it might well be the first crowdsourced hit to date.

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