BandPage Extends Profiles, Concert Dates To Pandora, Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud

image from bandpage.files.wordpress.comBandPage has again expanded it's artist's platform to include new integrations with Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and concert listings on Pandora.  The Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud integrations allow artists to manage their profiles on the three networks by updating thier profile photo and bio from within the BandPage editor.

The Pandora Concert Listings integration, which is sponsored by third-party advertisers, allows artists to post dates via BandPage that will appear to listeners based on their Pandora stations and location.  Ticket reseller StubHub has sogned on as an early sponsor and is providing some additional concert listings.

image from bandpage.files.wordpress.com
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Previous BandPage integrations include WordPress, StoryAmp, PledgeMusic, earbits, MusicXray and Midem.

“I remember when I was growing up, if I heard a song that resonated with me, it took all sorts of effort to identify the band and find out if, when and where they might be touring," musician Matisyahu said commenting on the new BandPage integrations. "It’s exciting to see artist driven companies work together to create a better experience for the fan and make things easier.”

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