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BandsInTown Launches Spotify Tour Dates App

Bandsintown_logo_300dpi (2)Concert recommendation and notification app BandsInTown has launched a Spotify app. Bandsintown now synchs directly with the songs, albums, and playlists users listen to on Spotify.  Competing concert listing service Songkick launched its own Spotify app early last year. A demo video and Bandsintown app features:

    Key Features:

    • The app recommends similar artists based on the user’s musical taste and listening trends
    • The app creates a local playlist of artists playing live in the user’s location, taking into account the
      image from www.mindofthegeek.comuser’s frequently listened to artists and those recommended by Bandsintown
    • When users drag and drop any artist on Spotify into the Bandsintown app, a new pop-up tab appears listing the act’s upcoming tour dates and indicating whether they have any shows in their area
    • Other features include the ability to buy tickets directly, status updates indicating whether a user is “Attending” or “Maybe” attending, email alerts notifying users of upcoming concerts in the area, and a personalized page of upcoming concerts that allows fans to click on the artist to play their most popular songs

    Bandsintown services over 115K artists and has a monthly reach of 20
    million fans.

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      1. that’s a great idea from BandsInTown, but what’s going to stop spotify from doing everything B.I.T. is doing? The already have the music recommendation engine, they can partner with ticketing platforms to sell tickets. they should take advantage of their social media marketing to gain traction. we’ve followed this strategy for several of our clients in los angeles and it’s paid off handsomely.

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