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BandsInTown Partners With Musician Logistics & Accounting Platform Eventric

Bandsintown_logo_300dpi (1)Eventric's Master Tour app has just been upgraded to include compatibility with popular concert notification platform Bandsintown. Eventric's platform is used by 10,000+ artists including The Black Keys and Owl City to manage and communicate schedules, logistics, and accounting for bands on the road. 


Death Cab for Cutie’s tour manager, Mahina Gannet, will join Brian Carpizo (Eventric) and Alexis Rodich (Bandsintown) for a free live webinar on Thurs, January 10th at 2pm CST, where she’ll share more on how these tools benefit managers, artists, and fans. Register here:

Bandsintown  Facebook, iOS, and Android apps are  used by more than 100,000 artists including Coldplay, Shakira, Tiesto, and Skrillex along with 2 million fans.