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Musicplayr Integrates With Gracenote For Searchable Web Music Archive

image from www.thejunction.deThe many ways in which fans can discover, enjoy and share music for free are expanding both in scope and sophistication. Today, Musicplayr, which lets fans collect, listen to and share music and videos from YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo and blogs, added integration with Gracenote's audio fingerprinting. Web music collected on Musicplayr will now be identified and
archived into the users Musicplayr music database.

image from sharelike.meSongs and videos from
different platforms can be stored together within a playlist and played without
interruption on Musicplayr.  A new "Discover" page allows users to browse by Artist, Music Profiles and Hashtags  More features to filter users archive and playlists by genre, artist, release date and more, will be released soon according to the Cologne based startup.

“Now Musicplayr gets
really smart and you will feel this not only in the features we release today
but also in the stuff we will build on top of that. Clean meta data is the key
for a lot of things you will see in the future. Now the service knows what music
the user likes so we can offer the right people to connect with and make the
discovery experience even better in the future,” says Thorsten Lüttger
co-founder of Musicplayr.

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