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Facebook Mobile: It’s Time To Take It Seriously

image from www.engagesciences.comThis infographic created by Qwaya offers a visualization of data from Facebook, Nielsen, and comScore that shows how much Facebook and social media usage has grown on mobile. The stats are impressive:  75% percent of the globe's population has a mobile phone. 57% of Facebook users access the site on mobile devices and usage is exploding: the Facebook mobile app saw 67% percent growth in monthly active users last year.  The Infographic:

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  1. Anyone notice more ads on the mobile app? I think that will deter users from mobile in the future. I know I don’t like it.

  2. The official FB app is disgusting – slow, not many options, again slow, and I can’t post from my Artist Page on it…
    for the money it has, FB could make some improvements, I think…
    if anyone can suggest me a good app for FB, I would be very thankful.

  3. Uh I Guess If UR 18 FB Might be Cool on UR Phone, but as A Middle Aged Dude, and Having tried it on my Phone, I Took it off after a week, cause it Just kept Bugging Me! The claim that it runs in the Background is a Lie, it seemed to run Over Top of Everything else: 4 All those of U Using FB over the Phone, Just remember that U R Helping the Biggest Prick on The Planet become Richer every Minut

  4. yah but Facebook’s native app is actively used by 73.6% of the estimated 200 million iPhone install base. Only 35% of the estimated 550M Android install base see monthly usage of Facebook’s native app.

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