Getting Your First Music Industry Job On Warped Tour

Watk-logoWith the first acts being announced for this summer's Warped Tour, We Are The Kids decided to gather up their articles and interviews about getting jobs on the business side of Warped Tour. Their wealth of information should be useful not only for those who are getting started in the industry and want to get on Warped Tour but for those seeking an entry point into music business more generally.

Previous Warped Tour tip posts on Hypebot focused on an indie band following the tour to sell cds and Kosha Dillz' guide to Winning on Warped Tour When No One Knows You're Competing. But We Are The Kids (WATK) focus on young adults who want to get into the music industry and they have a rich archive of relevant info regarding Warped Tour as an entry point.

WATK's How To Get On Warped Tour includes answers to basic question, interviews with people taking a variety of roles on Warped Tour and lessons from one Warped workers' experience of getting on and surviving her first Warped Tour.

WATK includes a series of brief pieces about how various individuals got their first jobs on Warped Tour. Tips tend to feature working one's contacts and not giving up till entry is achieved:

Plus WATK shares Extra Tips:

WATK's archive of experiences and tips is well worth perusing if you want a job on Warped Tour, want to get a job in the music industry or want to find out a bit more about what's up at We Are The Kids.


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