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The holidays are upon us, and whether you're stuck at work, in an airport or hiding from your relatives, if your visiting Hypebot, you care about music and the businesses and technology that support it.  To make days like this a little more interesting and for all of us to get to know each other a little better, we like to throw a little free online networking party here on Hypebot.

the comments section below, tell us a little about yourself, what
you're working on and what excites you (PG-13 only).  Include links that
you think might be of interest to others and I suggest adding your name
and email or some way that other Hypebot readers interested in
collaborating can find you. Shameless plugs are allowed.

Don't be shy. Tell us about yourself…

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  1. Thanks Hypebot. Been looking forward to another one of these.
    My name is Chris, and after a long year of development, I am finally preparing to launch a new digital music startup for independent artists called Hitplex. The primary goal with Hitplex is to provide music’s newest emerging talent a platform for potential worldwide exposure, and to become a popular music destination for music lovers. I just want to give them a legitimate chance at being heard.
    Furthermore, Hitplex is also dedicated to upgrade the value of new music. As we all know, there has never been a greater depreciation on the value of new album releases. Worse, music streaming services (like Spotify) do nothing to help indie artists earn a sustainable income. Hitplex is designed to be a solution to each one of these problems.
    I am soon beginning to actively recruit independent artists, and am always looking to network. Please feel free to contact me via chris@hitplex.com and view our current pages: http://www.hitplex.com and http://www.facebook.com/Hitplex.
    Chris Mundela
    PS – Sorry for the length, I’m just extremely passionate about this.

  2. Hey Hypebot-ers,
    My name is Nick Dolan, I’m a composer, music supervisor and sound designer for film and video games. I’m currently in pre-production on a new mobile game and in post on a few other projects.
    I’m always looking for artists/bands and instrumentalists to work with, if anyone is interested in licensing work or plays an interesting instrument, I’d love to hear from you!
    Happy Holidays everyone,
    Nick Dolan

  3. Hi Hypers 😉
    I’m Ava.
    I’m a one-woman-music-mogul-in-the-making (enough dashes for ya?)
    My music is Soulful. That’s about all I can classify it as, I am a singer/songwriter but my principle instrument is the saxophone. No, not the Kenny G, please no.
    I go funky, R&B and energy, so please don’t fit me with Depends in your mind yet 😉
    Anyway, I love to meet people through music, I’ve learned so much through Music Think Tank and Hypebot, thanks for reading my intro here and I hope you’ll reach out to me, not for help crossing the street, but as colleagues (wink)
    Blessings in the New Year!
    Luv, the Singing Saxstress of Soul™
    and a bunch more places you can find me & my music:

  4. Wow, how awesome, Chris. I’m reaching out to ya. Love your PS, I feel ya, I write a lot, it’s a good thing, love to cross paths with other passionate, creative souls such as yours. <3 Av.

  5. Hello Fellow Hypebot Readers,
    Katie O’Halloran here. I run A&R tip site I THINK I LOVE IT! (http://ithinkiloveit.com/).
    We’re always looking for great unsigned artists, songwriters, producers, and DJs to feature, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to get in touch using the contact info listed on the site!
    – Katie

  6. Hi Botheads;
    My name is Rich Meitin, and I was in the custom-music and sound design creation biz in NYC for many years (TV, hi-end commercials, film, etc.). Now, I’m a teacher and I run a college degree program about the business side of music. The biz has been turned upside down, which presents a classic crisis/opportunity. It is up to people like my students to re-invent it. I am completely confident that this will happen.
    Some folks bemoan the loss of the old record label model. I do not. It was only good for a tiny, tiny fraction of musicians, and had not supported much musical creativity since the time the biz became taken over by major corporations (wiith occasional exceptions that peeked through). What IS frustrating is not having a new working business model … yet. But it shall come. That’s also exciting! Plenty of opportunity, here.
    If you think you can point to any truly promising new direction, let me know. I’ll see if my students want to explore it and take it to the next level. Now is the perfect time.

  7. Hey Everyone,
    I’m a college senior and an aspiring music professional (in addition to a longtime Hypebot reader). After completing my Economics & Music Composition degree in May, I plan to seek employment in NYC. My work experience ranges from doing social marketing for a music booking agency to running a business plan competition for a major Indian IT consultancy.
    At this early stage in my career, I hope to add value with my entrepreneurial mindset and strong work ethic while learning as much as possible about the music business – and business in general.
    I am also honing my skills as a pop songwriter and producer. My latest work can be found at http://www.soundcloud.com/jeanstepho/.
    Please feel free to reach out – I’m happy to chat with anyone and everyone! My email is njoseph@bowdoin.edu. Looking forward to meeting some interesting people!
    Nathan Joseph

  8. Hi,
    I’m Vincent Satan (it’s of course a nickname). I’m behind the 3 years old an indie label called Cheap Satanism Records.
    You can listen to a 17 track sampler here:
    We’ve also just released the best Christmas Album Ever:
    Vincent Satan
    Cheap Satanism Records

  9. My name is Ben Fruin. I am a co-founder at Listen Up and a current MBA student at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee.
    Listen Up helps artists better distinguish casual listeners from true fans, while providing music fans with a much easier way to interact with their favorite artists. I know this has been a challenging issue to solve, but we have spent the past 8 months learning from artists, artist managers, labels, and publishers. There is no better place to be for music than Nashville. I would invite each of you to contact me if you are ever in the area. Best of luck to all of you in the new year!
    Please follow us on Twitter: @listenupfm and “like” our Facebook page. We are looking forward to launching Q1 of 2013.
    email: ben@listenup.fm

  10. Hi guys!
    My name is Isa; I’ an up and coming singer-song writer; I act as well. I am a senior at PACE University in NYC majoring in Communications and minoring in English. I interned at EMI for about two years in the Classics dept. and then in publicity. Learning the business side of the industry was great and helpful for me; it was truly enlightening and made me love the industry even more.
    Right now I’m working on releasing my debut EP for the first quarter of the new yr. You can check out my music here:

  11. Hey everyone!
    What a great idea, Bruce! Thanks for doing this!
    My name is Carole Billingsley. I’m a social media strategist, and owner of Seek Social Media (http://www.seeksocialmedia.com). My company specializes in social media strategy development for musicians and entertainment industry pros.
    Music, and the industry, are in my blood. My father is an entertainer and I used to be a professional singer. I also worked in marketing & promotions in the music and film industries for over 10 years.
    I’ve had a couple of other careers as well – in education & non-profit – but my passion has always been the music industry. I started my social media company a couple of years ago and soon realized that my ideal clients are musicians.
    So, here were are!
    I love my job and love helping musicians with everything from initial set-up/optimization of their social properties, to long-term social media strategy development and implementation.
    If I can be of assistance to any of you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!
    Website above, and here are my other links:
    Thanks again, Bruce!

  12. Hello everyone
    My name is Gabriel, I am the founder of Mutilty.co a native mobile app for Facebook. That will revolutionize that way musicians promote, share, upload, and do business on Facebook. The platform is being built out for independent musicians. Stay tune we will be launching in beta in early 2013. If you are an independent musician look forward to hearing from you.
    Mutilty.co will be launching in early 2013

  13. Hi ladies and gents. I am new to hypebot (about 1 week in). I am currently a full time student at SAE Institute Atlanta studying audio engineering. I am also a music producer, song writer and marketing guy (co-founder of a DC based lifestyle brand/blog and 2008 Graduate of NCCU, BBA- Marketing).
    I recently decide to leave a semi-lucrative non-music related career after 3 1/2 years and study/pursue my passion full-time (GI Bill is paying for most of it). I feel like now is the time to seize the moment since the recording industry is very vulnerable and in need of a game changer. I want to be in the position to be a part of that change. Plus I don’t want to be old with regrets LOL.
    I could go on about some of the things I am currently doing but I think this is enough for now.
    Prediction: A tech startup will change the face of the industry…again LoL

  14. Happy Holidays Hypeboters! My name is Nate Anderson. Checkout Songcasters.com a new music licensing and artist services startup launching in July. We partner with artists, composers, producers and songwriters to license their sounds to all types of visual media and commercial music buyers. We also work as song pluggers, live event bookers and broker artist/brand partnerships. Go to songcasters.com for more info and sign up. Thanks Hypebot for the opportunity to promote.

  15. Hiya,
    What a wonderful idea!
    “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” ~Simon Sinek
    Though a combination of the two is something to strive for, we would like to introduce ourselves as a entity who invest on a emotional level.
    We are Placebo Fans Worldwide (PFWW). Our home base is the official Placebo fan forum, where news about the band is of course a huge part but we take pride in how many feel at home at the forum to discuss everyday life as well. Over the last years we expanded our activities to twitter & facebook and are currently working on a platform on Google+ and Tumblr. We have learned a lot from the articles of MTT to get to know the music industry, audiences of social media platforms etc. so thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    As a fan community we try to make the connection with the fans on a personal level and promote interest in ‘our’ band as well as its community. All of our staff work on a voluntary basis and we have no financial means. Using the internet proves to have enough resources to make this possible and with our creativity, organising skills, time and love for the band we have come to quite a lot successes .
    Viral campaign for lead singer’s Brian Molko 40th birthday
    Fan video project
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMwQpNe0VtY http://forum.placeboworld.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=5562
    Forum: http://forum.placeboworld.co.uk/forum/index.php
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlaceboFWW
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlaceboFWW
    The purpose of introducing ourselves here is not to gain clients or to sell music but more a call to make fan action visible. Show what a dedicated fan base is capable of. We are bursting with ideas and welcome input and feedback from you, the professionals and other fan communities.

  16. Hi, I run a music website called HypedSound (http://www.hypedsound.com). I started it in college with a friend, and now I’m in NYC looking to take it to the next level. HypedSound has about 13,000 users signed up and over 20,000 tracks uploaded, but at the moment it’s not solving any real problem or pain point for musicians and creative folks. I’m rebuilding the site from scratch with some awesome developers and designers and it should be out in a few months.
    Would love to chat with anyone about the plans, or if you’re interested you can sign up now and you’ll be part of the relaunch! Until then, I’d be happy to feature some tracks from artists who join up. There’s already a nice community vibe going.
    Jonathan Jaeger
    jonathan [at] hypedsound.com

  17. Happy Holidays, everyone!
    What an inspiration to see all of you out there following your dreams and driving this crazy industry of ours forward with passion and innovation. It is an honor to be among you and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in collaboration at some point.
    I do a bit of everything, as most of us really do. I own and operate a merchandise company out of NYC and LA called PUMP Merch, I manage three artists in NYC and a brilliant recording studio in Brooklyn called Degraw Sound, I run a blog of new unsigned and independent music and interviews titled PUMP Sessions, and I am co-founder of a music app upstart called Album Jacket, which is trying to redefine the digital album for the tablet.
    If you need merch, I’m your guy! If you are looking to record that new EP or album in New York City, please contact me any time. If you are a new artist and would like some exposure, feel free to reach out! Best of luck to all of you in 2013 and let’s get to work saving Rock n Roll!
    All the best,
    Robal Johnson

  18. Echo Talent is a Boutique Modeling agency and music booking agency located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize in model scouting for the top editorial markets such as NYC, London, Paris and Milan. Our music booking and management arm is headed up by Rob Bennion and Amy Hatch, reknown veterans in the music business with thousands of successful bookings to their credit from headlining jazz festivals in Japan to Olympic performances before 60,000 people, they’ve done it all.
    If you would like to inquire about modeling, please contact Erin at: 801-633-7702
    If you would like to enquire about music booking or management, please contact Rob at: 801-636-8640

  19. Happy holidays, Nick!
    Thank you for reaching out on Hypebot. Incredibly interested in licensing opportunities for Scottish art rockers, Suspire (http://www.suspire.net). We have a number of instrumental tracks available for sync. purposes over and above the online sample tracks. I would deeply appreciate opening some further dialogue with you on this.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas from Glasgow.
    Clay Davis Records

  20. Hi Bruce and Hypebot readers i wish everyone Happy Holidays and a safe new year.
    I’m Leland Robinson i am a music composer/ music startup founder and CEO of Muzieo. I worked at Warner music group in Artist promotions i got the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing Artist and help them connect with Their fans. I started Muzieo before i was working at WMG and i saw how the product could really push the industry forward so decided to quit working at WMG and focus on Muzieo full-time.
    Muzieo is a mobile-based on demand Music social discovery service that using gaming mechanics to bring artist and their fans together where users get rewarded for playing what they love. Our goal is to make discovering music cool again and provide a way for fans to connect with their favorite artist on their mobile device. We see a big opportunity for us in the market because consumers need a product that allows them to personalize their experience on the go.
    We was in a startup showcase featuring music startups through out the world.
    We will be the first in our market to provide mobile to mobile sharing technology. Currently We just reached a great milestone in our product development where the product has reached the Alpha the stage where you can play music located on your device. Soon i will be looking for Alpha testers and any feedback will be great
    Please feel free to reach out to me at Leland@Muzieo.com or muzieo.com/ as well as twitter.com/Muzieo. Thanks!
    Leland Robinson

  21. Hey Everyone!
    My name is Kyle Billings – I’m a college student at Berklee College in Boston. This past semester I began casually consulting with several artists throughout my community including a singer-songwriter by the name Carly Tefft and a lo-fi artist named Dylan Ewen – to name a few. My goals have been to help them strategize and grow as professional entertainers without compromising the integrity of their artistic inspirations. It’s a creative mission blurring the borders between “what sells” and what the musicians are trying to say. I’ve really enjoyed the challenges on the small scale thus far.
    I’m very interested in the inter-workings of our volatile industry. I really do enjoy observing the market as a fundamentally human environment. For many of us, our passion for music has brought us to where we are. That’s what makes this business so great, we aren’t here to simply be employed. We’re all here out of a general desire to see music remain such an integral part of everyday life.
    I’m certainly still learning and experimenting! I’m currently studying business with a focus in international music marketing and management along with a minor in psychology. I’m a guitarist and electronic music producer by hobby and I maintain an academic interest in neuroscience and its connections with music and business. If anyone is interested in having a conversation, please get in touch! I’d love to talk with you.
    Kyle Billings

  22. Hey everyone,
    My name is Juma: I’m a recording artist/songwriter/producer and co-founder of the Inniss Entertainment Group – a music production and marketing hybrid focusing on creative artistry with a conscience.
    I believe music is unmatched power that should be used for the greater good and would love to connect with anyone who feels the same and figure out where/how I can help serve your vision.
    Feel free to check out some of my musical works via any of the links below and/or shout me out via email at juma@jumamusic.com.
    t: @jumamusic
    Stay blessed, not stressed.

  23. Hello Hypebot,
    I’ve visited this site daily for more than a year.
    It’s helped me tremendously in my creative pursuits.
    Special thanks to Hisham.
    I am the anonymous artist behind WE HAVE A GHOST.
    I released my debut album on Halloween of 2011 and physically this Halloween.
    My sound has been described as “NIN vs Spiritualized”
    though I am not locked town to a particular genre.
    My goal is to make the most out of the connections we make via social media.
    I recognize I am nothing without my fans and try daily to get to know them and help them get where they want to go in life.
    I recently became an Advisor for music startup RockStar Motel – we focus on the relationship between artist and fan. Rewarding fans for their efforts by offering one of a kind experiences.
    Thanks for keeping me informed. I owe part of my success to Hypebot.

  24. Hi guys,
    My name is Tanner Guinn. I own with Scott C Shephard at a small boutique management/marketing firm called 2Kings Marketing/2Kings Management. I’m a master at networking and web design. I also have a really keen ear for music. I own a Twitter page called VIPDJz. I’m friends with John Lockwood, for those familiar with the Michael Jackson Estate. My roommate Donny Opoku use to work for Andre H. and had an artist signed to Warner back in the day. He says he quit the music business, but I’mma re-hire him when I get paid. Lol. I’ve worked/promoted with Warren G, Mark Morrison, Hayes, Lloyd Banks, Shyne, etc. Mostly urban, but I can do any genre. I’d love to do Alternative Rock seeing as it’s being phased out. I managed Hopsin for about two years. I A & R’d his “RAW” album. Freed him from his Ruthless Records contract. That was when I was 17. I’m 21 now. Just trying to find someone willing to invest or hire.
    I love the fact that Hypebot gives people the chance to network. Will gladly invest in their advertising when I get a good situation.

  25. Hey Clare,
    Suspire has a great sound, I’ll definitely keep you guys in mind! I’ve got the website bookmarked on my browser.
    Happy Holidays to you and Suspire!


  26. Hey crew,
    My name is Anthony Frasier. Im a tech entrepreneur from NJ. Currently writing a book with my partner James Lopez titled “The Phat Startup.” Where we will be teaching readers how to build a startup using hiphop culture as a reference. Im also just interested in the latest in music tech, so I keep my eyes on hypebot quite alot.
    would love to chat sometime. follow me on twitter @anthonyfrasier

  27. Hi,
    I’m Tom Dennehy, a software and consumer audio industry veteran in both hands-on design and product management based in metro Detroit MI USA.
    I than hypebot and to Music Think Tank for publishing and promoting several of my op/ed pieces this year. I write about our evolving relationship with music — physical v. weightless digital; possession/ownership v. access; low-res v. high-res. I hope we can continue the conversation into 2013 and beyond.
    Blog: http://inaurem-a2d.blogspot.com/
    Twitter: @InAurem_a2d

  28. Hello Hypebot and thanks for all the great info. We have a modest music discovery blog featuring mostly indie rock, inspired by the diy aesthetic of bands like GbV and Centro-matic called When You Motor Away.
    We are not reinventing or revolutionizing anything, just trying to support artists we like by giving a little more exposure. Have heard a lot if good new music in 2012.
    We welcome submissions, and will write about em if we like em.

  29. Hello everybody:
    I’m Beth from Electrotype, which is an alternative art rock uno from the Philadelphia, PA area. (An “uno” is my term for what is essentially a one-person band.) I do it (almost) all myself: vocals, keyboards, guitars, composing, lyrics. I do it all but drums (I use a sequencer and loops but even that I edit to the nth degree). And trust me, I’m working on drums.
    My website, from which is linked nearly every social media page ever, is http://www.electrotype.us .
    So this August my EP, 7.50 (Seven and a Half), was released on CD, which is available at CD Baby (http://cdbaby.com/cd/electrotype) and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/7-50-Seven-Half-Electrotype/dp/B0094GW928/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1346706089&sr=1-1&keywords=electrotype). I did the CD artwork too. (I told you I do it myself!)
    Or you could get it on iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/electrotype/id560294345). Whatever floats your boat.
    And I’m in what is basically a Twitter contest sponsored by the Grammy people (http://www.grammyamplifier.com/electrotype_music).
    Thanks, Hypebot, for this opportunity. And thank you all for reading this.

  30. Ok, here goes nothing.
    Hi there,
    Steady Fingers here. A do-it-all-yourself singer-songwriter from Istanbul with an interest in a schizophrenic range of genres: blues, film scores, folk, ambient, rock, instrumental stuff etc.
    Despite nearing my sell-by-date, I’m trying to be a bigger fish, just like everyone else.
    I will not thank Hypebot because I do not want them to think that I’m sucking up to them, and to show that I’m ruthless and will do all that it takes to make it in this wide wild world.
    Seriously, I will not.
    For those who like to wander: http://www.steadyfingers.com/

  31. Hi everyone,
    My name is Barbie. I represent Young Beautiful in a Hurry, an up-and-coming Los Angeles indie rock/pop band with a hint of glam.
    Just wanted to wish you all a happy holiday. And, in honor of the spirit of the season, I wanted to share a special holiday song with you. https://soundcloud.com/ybinahurry/slim-pickins-this-christmas
    It’s called Slim Pickins’ (This Christmas), and it describes a holiday season for the at-risk, the down-on-their-luck, people with more hope than money, more soul than credit. Fittingly all proceeds from the song will benefit a charitable organization Homeboy Industries that help at-risk and gang involved youth.
    Please enjoy. 🙂

  32. Holiday wishes to all, gentlefolk, with salutations and merryment!!
    The Earl is currently laboring away at “Mancini-Morricone” a tribute to much-favour’d composers. Just put finishing touches on “The Good, The Bad, and The Baby Elephant Walk”
    Also to come in the New Year is a collaboration with
    CAPTAIN COOPER http://davecooper.yolasite.com/
    on Pink Floyd’s “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”

  33. Hi everyone, my name is Lauren and I am a recent law school graduate. I passed the New York bar exam and am currently looking for work in New York City. I hope to practice intellectual property and corporate law for the entertainment and technology industries (and the music industry in particular!).
    Here are some links to learn more about me:
    Website: http://www.laurenmmack.com
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/laurenmmack/
    I’m also very active on Twitter, so feel free to follow me for news on music and technology law: https://www.twitter.com/musicn3rd
    Any help finding a job from the Hypebot community would be amazing, whether it be some advice, an introduction, or a lead (you can find my email on my website). Thanks to Hypebot for being a fantastic resource and happy holidays to you all.

  34. Hey everybody! My name is Adam and I recently graduated from a small college in Massachusetts with a major in Creative Writing. I keep up pretty actively with most of the trade charts (Billboard, Mediabase, etc.) and recently started a blog where I write a variety of articles, including profiles of new artists, theme playlists and my weekly top 40 chart/year-end chart. I’m an audiophile and I’d like to consider myself a pop music guru. Hey, who else is going to remember that one obscure single by your favorite act that peaked at #36 in 1998?
    Dream job would probably be some sort of editorial job at a major music magazine (Billboard, maybe Rolling Stone) or an A&R type position at a record label.
    You can check out my blog at: http://popgoesthecharts.wordpress.com/
    Here’s my latest top 40 chart from December 23, 2012:
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/adamfsoybel/
    Twitter: @AdamFSoybel
    Thanks for holding this and I appreciate you guys checking my material out! Any feedback would be great.
    Have a great holiday season,

  35. Justice Aaron (aka METAFORM).
    Avid Hypebotter for 3 years.
    Composer of dark electronic porn music filth.
    Currently work and reside in Tokyo.
    One man (+ fans) operation.
    3 LP`s, 2 mixtapes, 1 single, 0 covers.
    Downloaded over 300,000 times via torrent.
    Working on concept EP trilogy for 2013.
    Aim to make a living without sacrificing integrity.
    Seeking licensing/sync/sponsorship/revenue opportunities.
    In it for the music, broke.

  36. Hi I’m Kelland Drumgoole, the Founder of SoSoActive.com. I have been featured on HypeBot several times and I love the diverse community of music industry professionals that Bruce and the team has brought together.
    Looking forward to more great things from us all in 2013! Cheers….

  37. Hello All,
    My name is Jim Cannella and I have been a longtime reader of Hypebot, music industry veteran/survivor/believer and one-time developer. After many years in the concert business I now work for The Recording Academy as Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships for The GRAMMYs.
    Appreciate all the insight and knowledge which comes from this site and community. Happy Holidays and here’s to many more years of innovation and growth for our business. We’re very lucky to spend our time following our passion for music.
    @jim_cannella on Twitter

  38. Thanks for all of your kind words. Have a happy holidays and please give this post a Like, Tweet or whatever you can to spread the word. The more the merrier. Happy holidays.

  39. Hey Hypebot,
    I am the President & Founder of FanManager, a digital agency that specializes in fan activation and engagement. We are approaching 8 years in business in March and have worked with some amazing artists like Depeche Mode, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, Phish, 2NE1, Infected Mushroom, Grace Potter, Big Head Todd, and many others. We have some exciting tech announcements coming in 2013 as well as some new partnerships.
    Our website is : http://www.fanmanagermarketing.com
    It will also be a heavy conference season for us as well so hope to see you at the SF Music Techs and SXSWs out there.
    Happy holidays,
    Erik Koral

  40. Thanks so much for doing this Bruce!
    I’m David Baker, founder of Spins.FM (http://spins.fm). We are reinventing the radio request line using social media. Our app helps artists and radio stations engage fans by making it fun and easy to request songs on local radio — still the most proven way to drive demand for shows and increase sales.
    Artists using Spins.FM include Britney Spears, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Diddy, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Mac Miller, Nicki Minaj, and many more. Radio stations and artists can install the request app on their Facebook page, or embed it on their website, to receive comprehensive request reporting by fan location.
    We were recently named one of the 10 finalists in Marketing & Social Engagement at MidemLab 2013 (https://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2012/12/midemlab-2013-names-30-music-tech-startup-finalists.html).
    Happy to connect with any artists looking to get more radio play, or radio stations looking to boost listener endagement, or any developers / designers looking to join a music startup in New York City. Email: david@spins.fm
    Thanks again Bruce,

  41. Hi all,
    I am Lee Altman. My business, Secret Studio®, LLC, publishes independent music, licenses content from our catalog of content, and provide consulting for projects incorporating independent art into commercial opportunities of all kinds. I am also a mediocre artists who has captured a few moments of musical competence and likes to share them.

  42. Hi, My name is Dan Menapace. Ive been playing bass for 20 years. I have a post rock band called the Illogistical Resource Dept. and an electronic based soundtrack type project called Suboculis. We just released our debut album on our new netlabel focusing unique for forms of sound.
    I’d like to thank the Hypebot staff for providing so much useful information to musicians and the rest of the music industry.
    Happy Holidays

  43. Walter:
    My name is Charles Wilson, managing member and publisher of Palm Row Music based in West Palm Beach. PRM had an unbelievably successful year in 2012. Due to the success I had personally as an affiliate of one of the largest indenpendent publishers in the country, a group of supporters in my network notifying me that I needed to incorporate as an independent publisher in my own right(was planned to happen in 2-3 years maybe by 2015. Also this year we only offered demonstration recordings and not album, EP or otherwise.We are set for an intersnational media launch/press release the 2dnd week of January. PRM has a publishing and a production division. The producion division is headed by Steve Thomas(Capitol Nashville) and we do demo,EP/mini-albums and traditional album recordings again to all begin with the revamped and much more powerful company stemming from bolstering both divisions. My email is publishing@palmrowmusic.com. I’ve been reading your stuff for quite some time now and wondering how I could become part of this FMC or gain access to the discussions that precede the articles, etc…I’ve been blessed with AlL the ‘old-way’ contacts that are part of my music family so I’m blesed but I’d like to innovate throughout this industry overhaul pariod. I don’t want to discuss particular people or anything more on trhis forum but if you couled send an email to that adddress telling me a little more about what you guys do / all about.

  44. Hi everyone! Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Diana Stimmler Winkler.I have a ministry called DSW Ministries with my husband, Brian. We take our personal stories and our music to promote awareness for domestic violence victims.We educate, encourage and empower people to break free of the abuse! Our music genre is Christian music or inspirational type music(original and cover tunes).We reach out to churches, women’s groups, youth groups, and anyone else who will invite us.I have an album I released in 2008, and now recording our second album called Break These Chains. This will be the first time I will be including my original songs on the project. (I am looking for someone to master the album once we are finished recording, BTW, so feel free to drop me a line if you know anyone good you recommend.)We are beginning songwriters and welcome anyone who wants to co-write with us.(I do well with lyrics, but need help with melodies.)You are welcome to visit my websites and find more about my vision and music.I am on Facebook and Twitter too.Thanks to you all!

  45. Hi All !
    I am a big fan of hypebot!
    My name is Winston and earlier this month I launched a new start up: The Music Licensing Directory http://www.musiclicensingdirectory.com a revolutionary new platform created for artists, bands, producers & industry professionals that lists & analyzes 400+ companies globally that license music into Film,TV, Advertising & Games, as well as provides regular opportunities for getting your music licensed.
    You can reach me at : support@musiclicensingdirectory.com

    Hello all, it’s your boy Matthias Galica. Been a long time since I rapped at ya’, and at the moment I suppose we can say that I’m the big mouth representing both ShareSquare (http://getsharesquare.com/) and BEASTMODE.FM (http://beastmode.fm/). Hooray!
    Most importantly, I wanted to drop off my favorite holiday season mashup track for everyone’s entertainment. Enjoy 😛
    ♫ DJ Schmolli – Jingle Bells Pon De Floor http://beastmode.fm/track/1345267?ref=galica via @BEASTMODEfm

  47. Hey everyone,
    Derrick from Tunezy.com here. We are a music start-up which aims to help musicians monetize engaging fan experiences (think meet and greets, skype chats, private concerts, etc). We recently won the Billboard Futuresound Innovator’s Showcase and you can read up on us via HypeBot here: https://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2012/11/tunezy.html
    Feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like to chat! Always open to it: derrick[at]tunezy.com.

  48. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!
    My name is Patrick Gall from SpotTrot – we’re a startup that powers mobile commerce for a number of musicians and entertainers, including Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, as well as a number of many others.
    As more and more fans visit online stores through their mobile devices (smartphones & tablets), it’s important that musicians make it easy for mobile shoppers to shop and purchase their products. If you’re serving up a full online store shopping experience to users who are viewing your store on a 3.5 inch screen (the size of an iPhone screen), you’re likely missing out on sales.
    To learn more, feel free to email me at pgall[at]spottrot.com or check us out at:
    @spottrot (twitter)
    Wishing everyone a safe a happy holiday season,

  49. My name is Prophesi and I am working on my fist hip hop album. I have been writing for two years and now I am at a place where I know my brand.my music will be all positive but still different from the rest. if possible I would like to work with more producers that can cater to my style. currently I reside in Atlanta…my email is armusicwrites@gmail.com

  50. Hey HypeBot,
    My name is Christian, and I am a starving artist. I am a 24 year old Southern California-based Contemporary Rock/Blues Rock Singer-Songwriter. I have been writing songs and playing guitar for 10+ years. I’ve studied music online through Berklee, am a veteran, and have spent years living in LA living, playing, and collaborating. I have played the HoB Sunset, Viper Room, Skinny’s NoHo, and various other venues throghout the city. Not knowing what the industry was about, I sought in vain to be discovered by a mogul singing in a bar or club. Needless to say, it never happened. I have made a website (www.christianyoungmusic.com) FB page (facebook.com/christianyoungmusic) Soundcloud (soundcloud.comp/christianyoungmusic) and even a Reverbnation, but with only being able to promote via my Twitter (Twitter.com/ChristianWhy) it’s difficult to engage fans. Now I’m pretty destitute and living in San Diego trying to get into the scene out here but with little means to do anything more than the demos I have online now. I need some help to get something going! I would appreviate anything, a suggestion, a collaboration, or even some direction. It would mean the world! I am very diligent about getting back to people and do everything I can to accomplish what I say I will do. Please shoot me an email at Christian@ChristianYoungMusic.com if anything comes up!
    Also, I am trying to possibly put together a West Coast tour in the latter half of 2013. I would appreciate some contacts eerywhere from San Diego to Vancouver!
    Thanks a bunch and Happy Holidays,
    Christian Y.

  51. Hello Hypebot,
    My name is I.D Grun and I’ve been a music blogger for three years now.
    My latest project is http://www.an-hedonia.tumblr.com.
    A blog for music enthusiasts tired of listening to big radio hits and highly commercial music. The aim of this project/blog is to widen the reader’s musical horizons with music recommendations and lists from less popular or up-n-coming artists. It’s mainly focused in electronic, modern classical and indie music and has an editorial approach.
    Regain your aural pleasure!
    There are various links on my page if you would like to contact me, follow or recommend me anything you like.
    I.D. Grun.

  52. Hi everyone!
    My name is Greg and I work in biz dvlpt for MIDEM, one of the several music conferences that you regularly see on Hypebot. I’m 24 and originally from Washington DC although I currently live in Paris. Hypebot has been such a big influence on my day to day work as it gives me a great vision on the trends taking place and the people who regularly contribute to making the industry a better place for musicians!
    I appreciate this site’s consistency in delivering great material and bringing together awesome people who are passionate about what they do. Like most, I must admit that it’s brought on a lot of inspiration for future projects of mine.
    Hit me up if you’ll be in Cannes next January! gpesce@live.com

  53. My name Is Ohmare, aka International O. I own a booking/mgmt company in Houston.
    I started out working with hip hop acts, now im looking to spread my wings with different genres. Aside from my company (Flycat Music Group).
    I also work for thr board of the new music festivsl in Houston called “Springboard South”.
    Im also a member of the WeGet Network, in which I will be hosting urban panels in 2013.
    Im currently in talks for another venture. I love to help when I can or even give advice. I live the music biz, so if anyone needs help Ill tryny best to be of assistance.
    Follow me @internationalo

  54. Hello all you cool cats, Rango here, known to some of you as Matthew Meadows. I bring the metalish from Seattle, the Emerald City, and I spread it around from the UK to LA. I’m a retired ballet dancer, a computer programmer, a singer/songwriter, a ReverbNation Seattle top-10 artist, and I’m currently recording bits as one of the villains in an opera called Liberteria. I released Etherati back in February 2011, a 100% solo effort, and I’ve been on a rocket ever since (burn, baby, burn), with multiple TV & film opportunities and collaborations with artists around the world in the ensuing months. Now I’m finishing up Temple of Zither, my 2012 album, and producer Stuart Epps is mastering the best tracks. Smokehouse, the lead song on the album, was Stuart’s gift to me on Christmas Eve and we’re kicking off 2012 with it because it’s sticky & sweet, with just a touch of heat. Thank you so much for your support so far, it’s really been quite amazing. See you at rangothedog.com!
    \m/~(-.-)~\m/ moo. moooo! moooooo!!!!
    Facebook Personal
    Facebook Band Page

  55. Hello everyone! I’m Paul, I’m a producer, label owner, and entrepreneur. I’d like to highlight two projects, and I’d love your feedback! I ready Hypebot every day, and I think it’s a great community and resource for everyone in this industry.
    http://PaulLoeb.net <-- Download my latest remix for FREE http://DropTrack.com <-- this is a new service I started for artists and labels to send elegant digital promos of their music to radio, DJs, bloggers, taste-makers, etc. It's currently in free beta, so sign up and let me know what you think! Cheers! -Paul http://twitter.com/loebpaul

  56. Hello all,
    Thanks to Bruce and Hypebot for doing this. Moses from Jamplify here. Jamplify enables artists to motivate your fans to spread the word for you! You can create campaigns to reward fans based on how many other folks each of them drive to check out your music, videos, merch, or shows! Check it out at http://www.jamplify.com, and email me at moses@jamplify.com, if you’re interested in running a jampaign!

  57. Hello everyone, I’m a DJ and producer from New Orleans, LA. I’ve been mixing EDM music, mainly House (Progressive, Vocal, Electro, etc.), for almost two years.
    With the start of a new year, I’m planning to start my own radio show/podcast to possibly create more interaction with my audience.
    Check out my past mixes on MixCloud and chat with me on Twitter. Let me know your favorite EDM track of 2012.
    Thanks Hypebot and all the readers,

  58. Hello my name is Antònia Folguera, I am based in Barcelona and do radio and internet Tv, among other things. I used to collaborate in an online radio platform that only played free music, like 10 years ago. I’ve been a netaudio activist since day one, and I’ve done research on online music distribution for the last 6-7 years or so. Occasionally I teach workshops on the new music industry, and advise artists on how to use social media for music collaboration and promotion.
    For the moment all of the things I write are in Catalan or Spanish.

  59. Hi Derrick,
    Just heard more great news on the Tunezy front. Congrats on being named one of the top five startups to blow up in 2013 by the Toronto Standard! Glad to be working with you in the New Year. Really appreciate your collaborative spirit with independent artists and providing a unique service for us.
    Young Beautiful in a Hurry

  60. Hey Hypebot-ers,
    I’m Virginie Berger, from France. I run DBTH (www.dbth.fr/en). DBTH was founded to provide media relations, strategy, and networking to amazingly cool people and companies in the creative space.
    The Agency focuses on creative and marketing strategies and development to accompany individual artists, cultural industries and emerging entertainment technologies.
    We are also specialized in building value for international brands entering France/ Europe by leveraging new media, web, mobile, and social technology.
    We support structures in their international development (Europe, Middle East and emerging music markets).
    DBTH also develops specific services oriented toward entrepreneurial artists and their professional affiliates.
    I am also the editor of Don’t Believe the Hype (virginieberger.com (in french), a website specialized in music marketing and the host of radio show «On refait la musique» (“Music re-loaded” N.o.T.) on Radio Neo.
    I am the author of the book “Music and Digital Strategies” (2nd edition, IRMA Publishing), French version everywhere, English version on Amazon and iTunes.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me!
    Twitter @virberg
    Email vberger@dbth.fr
    web dbth.fr/en

  61. Has it been a year already?!!
    My name is Tom Miller of Tritone Mobile Recording and I travel the east coast doing the mobile recording gig. Tracking live albums at venues, EP’s and LP’s in the artist’s home or rehearsal space. Then I bring all the tracks to mix in my home studio outside of Baltimore.
    Aside from the audio, I am first and formost a seasoned pop/rock/funk/country drummer who is available for tours and recording sessions.
    I hope that this time in 2013 we can all post here again, and I wish everyone an successful year with music.
    Love and peace,
    Tom Miller

  62. Hello Hype-ers,
    We are The Grimm Generation. Greetings from New England.
    The Grimm Generation sound has been described as “Morning After Music” and “Radio Songs For Voyeurs” though we have personally described as “If Alan Lomax and Ziggy Stardust had a baby.” It’s creepy, suburban pop-noir made and played by creepy suburbanites. Carmen Champagne and Jason P. Krug started The Grimm Generation as an outlet to tell real time stories of cheap excess and alcohol, but with the addition of Lys Guillorn (lapsteel, banjo, bells, rawk guitar), Eric Bloomquist (bass) and Julie Drechsler (cello) and Kerry Miller (drums), the group has evolved into more a sweeping soundtrack of a movie that may be your real life.
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Grimm-Generation/349516682318, http://www.youtube.com/user/grimmgeneration
    Thanks to Hypebot for giving us tomorrow indie playbook today.

  63. Hi all,
    I just released my first ep as Psychic Rites. Download it for free off the Aural Sects bandcamp page.
    I’m stuck out here in North Idaho, looking to make some connections with other people in the music industry. Aside from audio composition and production I work with video and I build instruments – from guitars to synths –
    Anyways, Hope you enjoy the ep. Get back to me if you have any feedback or a project in mind.
    Mike Siemens

  64. Hello Hypebot community!
    My name is Andrea, and I run a house show booking agency. Yes, it’s true! Based out of Nashville, I work with a handful of folk / acoustic / Americana singer-songwriters. I’ve been booking house shows and house show tours since 2011. Things have been growing a lot in 2012, and I can’t wait for 2013.
    I’m continually looking to grow my network of host homes all across the USA. If you know of anyone who may be interested in hosting, please send them my way!
    And if you’re interested in partnering or would like to learn more, hit me up via email.
    Best and thanks!
    Andrea | House Show Agency

  65. Merry Christmas Hypebot.
    I am Lance A Schart, a Chicago-based freelance music supervisor, synchronization licensing, corporate sponsorship (product placement), and media relations professional. I am also an experienced project manager with more than 15 years of financial development experience (fundraising). My most recent project is QWERTY The Movie (Bill Sebastian), which received three (out of four) stars from legendary film critic Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun Times), and won “Best Film Music” at the Nashville Film Festival.
    I am interested in working with producers and directors to identify, cultivate and solicit product placement agreements and to help negotiate music licensing contracts. The key to success in each of these areas is early engagement, during pre-production whenever possible.
    While I am based in Chicago, I have the flexibility to travel to either coast for business. I maintain a valid US Passport and have film and digital marketing contacts in LA and NYC; business contacts in the UK, The Netherlands and Australia; and access to a growing number of channels in China and Japan.
    Please feel free to view my LinkedIn profile at LinkedIn.com/in/LanceSchart; http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4584857/resume, or connect via Twitter @LanceASchart.
    Continued success,
    Lance A Schart
    Chicago, IL USA

  66. I promote and manager Jakob22 and run Death Chamberz Music
    Who is Jakob22? What is the Fang? Why the mask?
    These are constant questions you will hear when people speak of Jakob22.
    Jakob22, hailing out of Toronto Canada is a new name on the game but not a
    rookie on the microphone. For years perfecting his craft in the
    streets of Scarborough, Jakob22 is a veteran in the art of MC’ing.
    Jakob22 might just become a known to the world but is far from a rap
    rookie, working with some legends in his time.
    Jakob22 is a storyteller, a street poet, a battle rapper, a conscious
    MC and a fiction author. Jakob22 has decided he is bringing back the
    true art of lyricism back to hip hop.
    To inquire why Jakob22 wears masks in his videos is best described
    through Jakobs own lyrics in his song “Night Terrors”
    “Jakob is all nightmares and dreams
    I stay hooded and masked up because my image don’t mean a thing.”
    Jakob22 chooses to let his music define his image instead of his image
    define his music. Jakob22 was growing tiresome with what some were
    calling hip hop nowadays and had a real distaste for the music.
    Believing that in the cycle the world is ready for some real MC’s
    again Jakob22 has decided to be the solution to the problem

  67. Signing up now. I will say the thing about these sites is how do you get actual fans and not just musicians posting there own Music. How does it actually promote the artist to anything

  68. Hi there!
    My name’s Andrea. I am an italian student. I have been living in Los Angeles for 4 months now, as an exchange student. Now I got two internships in the music business: one I have been doing from home online and another at a record label in Beverly Hills starting in January. I am really excited and thankful for all of this. I also met a lot of intersting people who are in the music biz.
    I have been reading Hypebot since forever cos I always want to be on top of music news. Plus, I have a small notebook where I write down every post because I am writing my senior thesis on Music Digital Marketing and Hypebot is definately my greatest resource. I love what you guys do. And you are doing an amazing job!
    I also emailed you Bruce, a few days ago to ask you some advice on my senior thesis, don’t know if you got the email 🙂 but don’t worry 🙂
    I will leave for y’all my email and fb/twitter link. Reach out for anything! 🙂
    Take care guys!

  69. Love Jamplify, as a fan!
    I wish more artits used it. I am going to suggest it at the record label I am working at (The Collective Sound).
    Keep up the great job Moses!

  70. Great to see this site. I’m a folker these days who has worked in many different genres as an artists and manager. I’m promoting my newest Lojah project.
    Creolized folk music: from Caribbean rhythms to Celtic melodies, blues, rock and Irish pub tunes.
    Like me on facebook: http://facebook.com/Lojahmusic

  71. Hey Tanner, cool site I checked it out! Impressive stats especially considering you’re 21. I followed you on twitter. My info is right below if you’re curious. Good luck and keep in touch.

  72. Hi, Nick!
    Thanks for the links 😉
    I am working with a Russian artist who is a composer and who plays a lot of different instruments. He would love some licensing work, especially given that he has already written music for advertising, movies and even for kids’ theater shows. Here are some links:
    Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
    Katia Kei

  73. Happy Holiday everyone!
    I’m new to the site, but I love this wonderful opportunity of connecting with people. Thanks Hypebot!
    I am Alexander – R, composer, multi-instrumentalist musician, poet and actor from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
    I’ve released my first solo album in January 2012 (New Age) and just finished a quite successful tour in France.
    Planning to release another solo album in 2013.
    Check my music on http://soundcloud.com/alexander_r
    I’d love to hear what you think and what’s your favorite track.
    Please feel free to connect on FB : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alexander-R/289997154345140
    Thanks and take care!
    Alexander – R

  74. Hi there, I’m Sam. I play keyboards in the black metal band Anagnorisis based out of Louisville, KY. We were turned onto Hypebot about a month ago and the tips and news here are invaluable. Enjoy reading the commentary greatly. As a band we use social media heavily as our main marketing/promotion tool. All our music is available for free, if anyone is interested: anagnorisis.bandcamp.com.

  75. Hiya, I’m ThaGataNegrra, alt hip-hop artist, DiosaAnimanga. Part Of The Machine for 3 Miles Entertainment, an fledgling indie hip-hop label in Newark, NJ. My work is summed up thus: imagine a Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes’/Del Tha Funky Homosapien vocal delivery hybrid, lyrical content reminiscent of Janet, De La Soul, and Eminem, all slapped on a technicolour New Wave hip-hop cosplay rave in Tokyo.
    My project is a little thing called GATA City; currently being pushed by both BrainMuscle Media and 3 Miles Entertainment.
    I’m also the founder of The Alliance for Alternative and Eclectic Hip-Hop, a grassroots movement I am working on for fringe hip-hop artists from its four elements.
    I’m always looking for like-minded folx to chat and work with; love collaborating. Out there trying to find the audience who “gets it”.
    I’m found at:
    Come say “Nyan”. (^_^)

  76. My name is Jay Cruickshank and I am an aspiring actor,music producer and keyboard player. I am working on finding a full-time job and practicing playing my keyboard. President Obama excites me because he is working very hard to try and turn the economy around. Amanda Brown, Trevon Hunte, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Ellen DeGeneres,Ryan Leslie,Terry Crews, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Tim Tebow, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Gabby Douglas, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, Rodney Jerkins and Robin Thicke also excite me because they pursued their dreams and never gave up.

  77. Hey Hypebot-ers!
    My name is Noelle and currently I am working on starting up an electro-jazz group. My band is Machine In The Garden and I have been visiting Hypebot A LOT for help and guidance on how to promote my band. I am a singer/songwriter and I work with an electronic producer.
    I am always looking for good advice and people to collaborate with! I love learning about everyone’s experiences and advice!
    Happy Holidays and best of luck to everyone!
    : )

  78. Hey Lance!
    I am interested in working with music synchronization! I am a student and this summer I plan on working with NBC’s licensing devision to see what exactly a music supervisor does. Primarily though I am an artist and composer. I was wondering how do you get the music you synch and what you look for?
    It would be wonderful to get a music supervisors take on my music if you get the chance! : )
    Happy Holidays and New Year!

  79. Hi folks! I’m Lezlie Hepburn and I manage an indie hip hop artist, Traff The Wiz. He’s from Montana and socially conscious, smart, and relevant. He’s just been picked up by Dunn Deal PR in LA and is about to explode! Check him out at http://www.traffthewiz.com and see the awesome video “Hey” that is being promoted.

  80. Hi everyone! Just released my debut album, an instrumental called “Humouring Gods”. I’m currently working on the follow-up, “City”. This one will have vocals however.
    Humouring Gods fits into the Prog/Symphonic genre, although some say it reminds them of 60’s Westerns… Seems to appeal to fans of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and… Neil Young!
    City, althoug still prog, will have more accessible material. At least 4 of the 15 songs will be more mainstream. And yes, it’s a concept album. I’ll be doing a kickstarter project with this. Hope to see you all there!
    twitter: @ajcharronmusic

  81. Hi — I’m a web developer / new media entrepreneur, founder of internet radio site, DnbRadio. I have many music related projects.. some over 10 years old, and still going strong, but now I have a new project called JunglePress.
    The goal of JunglePress is to help musicians and labels adopt the “be-everywhere” approach to marketing themselves on the web.
    This new platform provides the necessary tools to deliver content to all top retailers in the industry as well as sell directly to fans.
    The interface provides a way to easily manage a full catalog of music content along with tools to generate audio clips, and video that can be posted on sites like Soundloud and Youtube as well as your own tastemaker mailing lists and social networks.
    Uploading to Soundcloud, Youtube is all automated and integration with other 3rd party services such as Bandcamp and DailyMotion is on the agenda.
    So far, I have landed direct distribution deals with iTunes, GooglePlay and many smaller niche retailers. We also cover EDM services like Beatport, JunoDownload, TrackItDown and many others… and the plan is to allow artists to post to many of these sites at a flat rate instead of the old-royalty share model that many distributors follow.
    Additional services I am able to distribute to include Spotify, Tunecore, 7Digital, Grooveshark, Rdio, Deezer, and tons more..
    The system as it stands is planned to be mostly crowd-funded and based on user-contributions/donations.
    There are some situations where we must charge royalty % due to market restrictions (partner fee requirements), but as we solidify direct distribution these restrictions will go away.
    The software also provides each album/release with a landing page that incorporates best-practices for monetizing and converting visitors in various ways (email list sign-up, free download, track purchase, or link to 3rd party shops).
    I am building more and more on this software every day.. and it was originally created to meet my own needs to break through in the highly competitive EDM market. The platform will work for any genre and I plan to open it up for public launch in 2013.
    I’m seeking anyone wanting to help, or who wants to try out the system for free as well as anyone wanting to partner with me or integrate their own services into my app.
    If you are interested in learning more or want to become a part of the private beta launch contact me at the info below.
    Michael Ramirez
    Upload Once. Be Everywhere.

  82. Hey everyone.. Bruce and all at Hypebot! Hope you are havin a great time over the holidays.
    My name is Emma Rugg. I’m a singer / songwriter from Up North – Hull, UK and have released an album and an E.P on my own label, I play guitar and am currently writing songs on the piano, also trying to find a way to go about making a new album happen. My music has been described as ‘stripped back / acoustic / affecting / encompassing different genres’ amongst other things.
    This is a great idea! Have enjoyed reading Hypebot for a good while so thanks and Happy New Year!! 🙂 I will also look forward to seeing your websites and hearing your music also, would also love to hear from you, and if anyone is into doin remixes then I’d also love to hear from you too…
    Here are some links to my stuff –
    My website –
    Audio –
    Twitter –
    YouTube –
    Facebook –
    So feel free to stop by and say hi, would love to hear from you. Best wishes – Emma

  83. I run a station through Live 365 “Bus Of Real Country that broadcasts the Classic style of Country Music and Bluegrass and I just celabrated my 5th aniversery.
    I’ve built up many music contacts since I got online in 1995 and for the last 3 years I’ve been an active professional voting member of the IBMA. Your sight keeps me up to date on the legal aspects of broadcast

  84. Greetings everyone!
    My name is Kayla Calloway and I have a hip-hop marketing/PR advice blog called kaylacalloway.com for indie and upcoming hip-hop artists, and I recently wrote an e-book “The Essential Guide to Hip-Hop Marketing & Publicity” available on Amazon, which Clyde Smith recently wrote a post on entitled “5 Media Outreach Tips From The Essential Guide To Hip-Hop Marketing & Publicity” https://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2012/12/5-media-outreach-tips-from-the-essential-guide-to-hip-hop-marketing-publicity.html
    Happy New Year!!
    Kayla Calloway
    Twitter: @kvcalloway
    Instagram: kayla_calloway

  85. Hi!
    My name is Megan Jean and I am the co-founder, lead singer, washboard/percussionist, and one-half of Megan Jean and the KFB (or Klay Family Band). We do all our own booking, management, artwork, online marketing, driving, and websites. We recently raised almost 11k on kickstarter to fund the production costs for our next album (we don’t record ourselves).
    Five years ago my husband quit our jobs, sold all our stuff, and started blindly touring full-time. We haven’t had day jobs since, though we’ve gotten a LOT smarter. We have averaged 200+ shows a year for the past 3 years, and have shown a 100% increase in our gross receipts every year since we started. We have now been continuously touring in the Eastern half of the US in support of our first full-length album since Feb. 1st, 2011. We have managed to sell 4,000 copies out of the back of our car while building up a grassroots, real fanbase. Lucky breaks come our way, and we have gone from the early days of our band where we had to sometimes donate plasma while touring after bad weekends on the road, to a comfortable living where we always have enough to stay in a hotel if we need to, and eat veggies every day. We are what we call “functionally homeless,” and haven’t had a home address in almost two years. It’s just our car, peoples’ living rooms, and hotels. I love every second of it.
    I am so grateful for this little (growing) business/band of mine, and I truly believe that if you work as hard as you can, for as long as you can, and refuse to give up on yourself or your music, you will reach a level of happiness that can only be counted as success. I read hypebot every day in an attempt to understand and stay relevant, plugged in, and ahead of the game in an ever-changing industry. I experiment with social media, marketing, DTF marketing, or anything that could potentially help our music get to more people, all of course while playing 5 nights a week. I don’t know if we’ll ever sign with a label, or if that’s even what is best for us. I just know that we grow every year, and continue to find happiness and a decent living on the road. I love sharing and reading stories from other DIY bands and musicians. We have so much to learn, and are really in a position to mold how this industry will rise from the ashes of the dying big-label system.
    Like I said, we are called Megan Jean and the KFB, or Klay Family Band, and you can find us at http://www.meganjean.net, facebook.com/meganjeanandthekfb, or http://www.twitter.com/meganjeankfb.
    -Megan Jean (washboard queen).

  86. Very late to the game, but I’m Steve and I’m a musician trying to kick start my career through releasing a solo project. The plan is to release three E.P.s based on a personal take of Dante’s Inferno over the next year and a bit. It really has become a labour of love as well as I’ve decided to undertake doing artwork for it myself as well as writing all the instrumentation.
    For anyone interested or if anyone wants to give me some feedback which would be amazing my FB has most of the artwork up –
    early demos can be found at
    http://www.soundcloud.com/smjproject – this work is constantly developing as I keep going at it but some tracks are close to their final compositions.
    I also have a very basic website up –

  87. I’m looking for writers on music business subjects as well as collaborators on a web app I’ve built for indie artists and labels.
    It is a DIY content distribution and promotion platform. It will deliver to all the main retailers (iTunes, GooglePlay, etc..) as well as promotional sites like soundcloud youtube and all that.. and generate clips and video from your music and art content. There’s a tone more stuff built into it but I won’t go into it here. If you want to read more about it, I wrote a long description about it in my official introduction post way down in the comments below (dated 12/30).
    Upload Once. Be Everywhere.

  88. Thanks for the opportunity! I’m a music producer (records out on Defected, Strictly Rhythm and many more) turned educator giving away regular music production tutorials and industry advice on my YouTube channel for free. It’s focused on underground club music but most of the info is transferable to other styles. Link is here: http://www.youtube.com/musicprotutorials
    You can also join me on twitter @dannyjlewis and Facebook/dannyjlewispage

  89. Just in case I’m not in already. Hola!!! I’m a musician/songwriter/producer. I’m also a music publisher and licensing agent – mostly in advertising, film and gaming. I consult startups on IP licensing and entertainment marketing, I also do public speaking on publishing and licensing. Finishing up a book on: “Rise of the Independents- The New Music Business Model” – I know it sounds familiar, but this is a musicbiz book actually about making your music better by following a more sustainable model (creatively, socially and financially) re-establishing a pact with fans, while also tending to the future of an independent music business ecosystem.
    I currently write for Performer Magazine, sometimes in the MBJ and others.
    If you like cussing, follow me on twitter @michaelstjames I sometimes do callouts on there.- not all musicbiz, but much.
    Have an awesome New Year.

  90. Hi Hypebot,
    My name is Scott Wilson and I am a San Diego singer/songwriter/producer/engineer/video editor. I am currently working towards finishing quite a few songs waiting patiently on my hard drive. I’m hoping to record a horn section and a guitar solo next week, and then release another single on iTunes, followed by a couple of albums long in the works for the coming year. I’m also interested in music video in this YouTube age in which we live, and you can find my music videos at http://www.youtube.com/metapunker from my latest album Kaleidoscope’s End and from other projects from the recent and not so recent past.
    I have also posted a very large archive of past albums, demos, masters, singles, works in progress etc. that can be found until Sept. 2013 at http://www.soundcloud.com/metapunk and I also periodically post the highlights from this archive at http://www.facebook.com/metapunker if you’d like to join in.
    If you’re into resumes I’ve done quite a few pretty well known music videos, concerts, documentaries, commercials etc., and my online resume can be found at http://www.metalogicmusic.com/resume.htm
    My reel can be found at http://vimeo.com/33130131
    You can also find some of the actual videos from this list in the favorites section of my YouTube page.
    For more info please go to http://www.metalogicmusic.com

  91. Hello everyone! My name is Amariah Tyler. I am a marketer and writer/blogger who is currently seeking new job opportunities within the music marketing/business industry in the Atlanta, New York or Dallas area. To get more acquainted with me and/or to connect, check me out at my links below.
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/amariahstyler/
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/amariahstyler
    I love all things music-related. I love R&B especially which is why I created TheRnBnMe…a blog that features real R&B music, videos and news from everyone from Marvin Gaye to Miguel…mainstream and independent artists. If you would like your music featured, email us at thernbnme@gmail.com.
    Lastly, here are a few dope articles that I’ve written:
    Nicki and Rihanna: Only Entertainment…Right? http://raprehab.com/2012/03/its-only-entertainment-right/
    VH1 and Bravo Are Not To Blame. You Are! http://raprehab.com/2012/05/vh1-and-bravo-arent-to-blame-you-are/
    Drama and Beef: Why Has Black Entertainment Come To This? http://raprehab.com/2012/10/drama-and-beef-why-has-black-entertainment-come-to-this/
    Thanks for reading! Enjoy and have a blessed and prosperous new year. I look forward to connecting with you all!

  92. *Raises glass in hand* Hello good people of Hypebot! I am Angie Gonzalez or as I like to introduce myself on stage, Angie Marie Go. I am currently an Audio Engineer Technology Major studying in Nashville, TN. I’d love to hear about everyone else’s experiences in Tennessee. Although, I am a folk-popish singer/songwriter (https://soundcloud.com/angiemariego)
    I am definitely interested in being involved in different aspects of the industry, from engineering to publishing.
    You can find me here too:
    Happy Holidays and New Years to everyone!

  93. Folks,
    I’ve just relocated from New Zealand to Brooklyn, NY, where I’m in the process of launching a new management company representing a handful of DIY artists based in the States, from bluegrass to soul/funk, to experimental/aggressive trap, to straight up rock ‘n roll a la Molly Hatchet, Guns ‘n Roses, etc.
    I also work with a small team managing 3 signed, internationally touring artists based in New Zealand.
    Always interested in networking on supports & co-bills in North America and Europe.
    Also interested in hearing any firsthand experience with the Songtrust platform (http://www.songtrust.com).
    If you’re in NYC and want to talk shop, I’m game.
    Hope everyone’s ringing in the New Year with champagne a’plenty.
    Twitter: @reidcfoster

  94. My name is John and I have been reading HypeBot for a few years now. I have a modest internet radio station on the Live365 network that has a 90’s Alt-Rock format.
    Stream is also available on i-Tunes under Radio > Alternative Rock > Gen X Radio
    I am also a sound engineer ( I do mostly live sound these days)and social media nut. My main passion right now is in exploring and learning new ways to integrate social media into promoting internet radio, especially for smaller DIY stations like mine. I am starting a blog any day now that will focus on just that.
    I am also a big supporter of Indie music and although I don’t play much of it now, I am always looking for creative ways to promote bands. Right now I am offering any band/musician free unlimited promotion via station promos/sweepers on my station.
    I would love to connect with like-minded folks and am always up for chatting about radio, music or social media.
    FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/GenXRadio
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/GenXRadio
    Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/genxradio
    Email: 90saltrock@gmail.com

  95. Hello Everyone,
    I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and explain what my company does. My name is Jeremy Jones, and I work for a small artist development company in West Tennessee. We have been in business for a long time- mostly doing business in our local market. We have recently decided to make an effort to expand our business and start to develop a strong network online. We are now blogging some free content and consulting with artists that are just getting started with little or no following. We do occasionally promote live events and we also sign artists to basic recording contracts… pretty much anything we can do to help artists get to the next level.
    Jeremy Jones
    Fire Artist Development
    We can be found at:

  96. Hi! I’ve been following hypebot for many years now. Always insightful industry news and views!
    I’ve been writing an indie-alternative music blogs for a few years now. It’s called One In Ten Words and the one thing that holds it all together is that I write about what I like. And I hope it introduces others to some cool music, too.
    Hope you’ll take a moment to check it out.
    I’m also on Twitter @oneintenwords

  97. Hello! My name is Kurt, and I’m currently a student at Michigan State University. I’m an active follower of music charts and new releases, as well as an avid trombone player. In addition to my interests in music, I also enjoy technology, social media, and writing. I started a music-only internet radio station and music discussion website at http://voiceradio.us in January 2011; I plan to shift it toward a site on music recommendations, technology, and culture early next year. In addition, I just launched my personal site at http://KurtTrowbridge.com , where I am currently counting down my top 50 albums of 2012. Next year, I will be writing more about my personal thoughts on music and technology.
    Feel free to connect with me, and any thoughts on my websites are more than welcome! Happy New Year!
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/KurtTrowbridge
    LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/KurtTrowbridge

  98. Hi everyone! I’m Nicola Milan, a jazz singer/ songwriter from Australia. I’m going to be touring to the US in 2014 and would like to find other jazz musos who would like to do a show trade kind of thing – I support your shows in the States, you support my shows in Australia. That way we can benefit from each other’s established fan bases.
    My sound is easy listening vocal jazz – think Norah Jones crossed with Nina Simone. Check out the music on http://www.nicolamilan.com and flick me an email (you’ll find it on the website too.)
    Have a wonderful 2013 and love and light to you all! xoxo
    Nicola Milan.

  99. Hi all,
    I’m Eoin McCarthy, co-founder of Hydric Media. We’re an offshoot of WeAreHunted focused on building apps for a number of clients in the music community. We’re involved in a number of the Spotify apps on the Store, as well as iOS and Android music app development.
    We’re always looking for the next big project to work on. Check out our site and portfolio…
    and feel free to get in touch at contact@hydricmedia.com
    Love the site, good to see the interview with Hunted’s Stephen bubble up again today.

  100. Dear Hypebot–and whoever is currently reading this comment,
    I’m Ridge–the other half of a barely 2 month old ambient folk duo from the Philippines called Library Kids.
    Without further ado, on to the shameless plug.
    We’d surely be grateful, if any kind soul out there would give a listen to our current rough recorded songs–and maybe give feedback to our start-up music project.
    Here’s the link to the music:
    And our facebook page:
    (in case anyone wants to contact us or give feedback)
    Regards to the moderators and fellow readers!
    Salamat! (Thanks) 🙂

  101. Great idea, Bruce – Thanks!
    My name is Paul Sonkamble, I’m Head of Innovation for EMI Music (PLG) based in Stockholm.
    My team’s goals are to broaden our artists’ reach and drive revenue, with a focus on new and emerging technology. We <3 the dev community, and ran a great Hack last summer as part of the Way Out West festival, with Spotify: http://wowhack.splashthat.com/
    We’ll also be sponsoring the upcoming MHD in Stockholm: http://stockholm.musichackday.org/2013/
    I’d love to hear from anyone looking to license content for new services, involved in exciting startups, or if you just have a great idea and want to pitch it to a label. I’ll be at Midem and SXSW, so feel free to get in touch if you want to meet in person.

  102. Hey everybody – my name’s Dave E. I am looking to get into a label or management company in some sort of marketing or artist development function. I have held various internships at companies like AEG Live and Foundations Artist Management, and most recently finished a full time consulting project at TouchTunes Interactive Networks. For a copy of my résumé, please email me at dave.eis66@gmail.com. Serious inquiries only, please. Thanks, and Happy New Year!

  103. I should also me too that I am based out of NYC butay be willing to relocate to LA under the right circumstances.

  104. Happy New Year to you all. I have been a faithful reader of Hypebot for a few years now and I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet more of you here in cyberland! My name is Fawn•Nicole and I’m an artist manager. I have always enjoyed the networking aspect of this industry so I hope to connect with a few fellow readers. In the midst of managing three artists, this year I plan to add to my team and successfully launch the consulting division of my company, The F•N Edge.
    For more on me, visit http://about.me/FawnNicole
    Some awesome music for you to start the year:
    Feel free to reach out. @FawnNicole
    Email: theFNedge@gmail.com
    The sky never has to be the limit. This is why we live on the FN edge.

  105. Hola All, Nelson here I’m coCEO of Altavoz Distribution and often provocateur of windmills. I pretty music have been thinking about Distribution as a Service DaaS since I got my 1st distro deal for Kayaking Extreme http://youtu.be/n__-qbmapx8 in 1995. We now distribute Books, Music & Video across Digital | Physical | Global platforms. I’ve also been part of the creation of the International Entertainment Syndicate “IES” that manages a growing relationship of global indie companies to offer major level services via the indie IES.
    When I’m not doing this I’m part of CrisisCommon and Random Hack of Kindness helping to make the world a better place.
    If you have something you want sold please let’s talk in 2013.
    Here to Serve,

  106. Hi, I’m Catherine, based in Ireland, and I’m working on creating my dream website as a musician and music lover (by that, I mean I’m creating the kind of website I keep looking for and not finding!). Obviously, I hope other musicians and music lovers will love it as well.
    If you’re intrigued by this, please take a look at my new Youtube channel, where you’ll get a sense of the vibe I’m talking about:
    Check out my latest ‘indie music picks for 2013’ video, if you like hearing new music by independent artists.
    I’m passionate about the ‘Direct to Fan’ movement, and want to support and promote it with my site. This is a very exciting time, musically, and I look forward to 2013 being an excellent year for us all.
    Happy New Year, Hypebotters!
    ps. I’m on Twitter, @ArtistsOwnMusic, if you want to connect.

  107. Hi everyone!
    My name is Rick and I’m the founder of a new social music discovery site called Let’s Loop – http://www.letsloop.com.
    I created Let’s Loop because I wanted to make it easier for people to discover music the music they love. To do this Let’s Loop combines the social elements of Facebook & Twitter with great in-site content from some of my favourite music sites – including YouTube, Spotify, Songkick & SoundCloud – to create a single destination where everyone can discover and listen to music together.
    Let’s Loop works like pretty much any social network: all you have to do is follow your friends, or anyone who shares your taste in music, to receive their recommendations. You can also:
    – Explore over 2.2 million artists pages loaded with full discographies, upcoming events, bios & reviews, photos and similar artists
    – Listen to over 30 million songs, albums & playlists with fully integrated YouTube & Spotify players
    – Browse profile pages to see what music & friends you have in common, find out what events they’re going to and listen to their playlists
    – Discover and vote on the most popular songs, albums, playlists, events, links, artists and users in the Let’s Loop charts
    – Find out when your favourite artists are coming to your area courtesy of Songkick
    – And much, much more
    The idea for Let’s Loop is to take the openness and social experience of Facebook and make it only about music. I wanted to create a place where I could enjoy music with my friends without having to visit lots of different sites to do it. Let’s Loop brings everything that matters to me as a music fan together in one place.
    If you like the sound of this and want to discover some new music or meet other music fans, you can access the site here: http://www.letsloop.com/
    If you want to say hi or see what music I’m into, you can check out my profile here: http://www.letsloop.com/Rick
    Or if you want to see what’s the most popular music on Let’s Loop, check out the charts: http://www.letsloop.com/Charts
    Thanks for doing this Bruce, big fan of the site!

  108. Michael from BandPage here! I am in the artist relations dept – will be out and about a lot this year – Midem, grammy parties, sxsw (moderating panel on youtube success), coachella, canadian music week, etc. Drop me a line if you’ll be at any of these places!

  109. Hi all, I operate an international artist development, Management and consultancy service for Portuguese srtists. Portugal has a wealth of artists that have continued to shock and impress foreign markets. We have bands looking for gigs, publishing, licensing and sync and even band swap help. Last March we were part of a team that helped 8 fantastic bands make it to Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Please join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/theportugalmusicscene.
    all the best, steve

  110. Hello Hypebot & Co.,
    I’m Kevin Pugh and I’ve recently (Jan 2012) released my debut album “Get It”. I’ve also released covers of Blondie and the Paula Abdul hit “Straight Up”. I love reading Hypebot!
    Take care,
    Kevin Pugh

  111. Greetings and Happy New Year Hypebot Networkers!
    It’s great to see so many responses in here – I love seeing so much passion from music lovers!
    My name is Leah Gahagan and I work at OneBeat, a NYC startup centered in the electronic music space (EDM). We create original content programming showcasing up and coming and established artists, festivals and events, and personal stories centered in the lifestyle. EDM is gainly popularity at tremendous speed, and at OneBeat we are aiming to be the source for all things pertinent to this genre. In addition, we also create original campaigns for brand outreach, most recently Swedish House Mafia’s album release and Trident Gum, both in fall 2012.
    We are constantly looking for new artists to feature as well as brands who want to reach a 15-35 demographic.
    I am receptive to any new contacts – please feel free to email me at Leah@onebeat.tv
    Best to all!

  112. Richard Brandon said it very eloquently:
    Have fun, success will follow
    If you aren’t having fun, you are doing it wrong. If you feel like getting up in the morning to work on your business is a chore, then it’s time to try something else. If you are having a good time, there is a far greater chance a positive, innovative atmosphere will be nurtured and your business will fluorish. A smile and a joke can go a long way, so be quick to see the lighter side of life.

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