Finding Your Deep Connections with Indie Rapper Kosha Dillz

Kosha-dillz-kickstarterBy indie rapper Kosha Dillz who is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign.

Although we operate in what is called a superficial business (aka the music industry), I truly believe the opposite. Can Kickstarter be a spiritual experience? Yes it can be. I remember when I was at my worst in life on the run with drugs and robbing and stealing from people as much as I could. I was a terror on foot, everywhere I went.

Today, almost 8 and half years later off drugs and alcohol, I look at myself challenged with "kickstarting" my life again. Have you ever asked someone for help? It's challenging right? I remember I was too proud for help so the only who helped me were the police who arrested me in a sting operation.

Now I have a Kickstarter to take on the film that exactly tackles all the issues I have always dealt with. Pursuing my dreams, hustling to get there, and my degree of happiness in the life I chose. Kickstarter is helping me become a better human with more social skills and genuine caring attitude.

Here are 5 steps to connect with people, if you never knew how to.

1. Ask people how they are doing on a consistent basis

In my most successful time in life, I ask people how they are doing. I never start off with asking someone for something without asking how they are first. Although this might seem superficial, the more you ask people "how they are doing" the more this becomes a sincere part of your life. You become a caring individual.

2. Take time to listen and speak with people

Although you think the massive amount of fans will start pouring out all the money, people that you speak with on a more consistent basis and develop a relationship with are more likely to contribute to something you value, if you value their time. I once heard the RZA say he doesn't charge people for his music, his gift. He only charges people for their time, because its something you can never get back.

I have learned a lot about fans and friends in the past two weeks.

3. Be very clear of what you need help with

A friend told me that if you are asking for help, ask them what you need help with…

People appreciate a clear and concise message, so they take you more seriously, and respect you for your honesty. When you are clear, you will get a quicker response.

4. Be more helpful to other people

I realized that during this time I wanted to be more giving. If you never help anyone else, why should they help you? Even if you are a superstar performer or musician, it can only take 10 minutes to help someone bring the groceries inside, hold the door open for someone, help someone paint their room, or even move from one apartment to another. Do it for free and without expecting anything in return.

5. Give to charity

On a daily basis you have the opportunity to do for yourself and do for others. Most of us will give to ourselves, but I have learned to give a little bit more to others and organizations I find a lot of awesomeness in. For instance there is the Front Row Foundation, which I recently contributed 20 dollars to. There is also a organization in Israel that I am trying to give 500 dollars to that sponsors soldiers who lost their limbs in war, into Paralympic sports.

I recently attended the Paralympics in London (same place as the Olympics, only 2 weeks after) and it was such an inspiration. I also raised money for Haiti for a doctor who worked with my Mom and brought the money to his organization in Haiti after the earthquake a few years back. I even did a nationwide clothing drive in 2008.

Pick an organization or two and become part of it. You will become part of the giving community and discover that as many takers there are out there in the world, there are communities of "givers" that are always looking to give to projects where people are chasing their dreams, like Kickstarter.

Not only are these 5 things a deeper way to connect on Kickstarter but also a way to connect to anyone in real life. For that reason, I believe that this "Kickstarter" is changing my life as we speak, and teaching me a lot of life lessons.

If you have any time, please consider checking out my page. It ends on February 4th and it's a work in progress! You can also read through the posts and see exactly what the money goes to.

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