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MediaNet Adds 360 Music Rights Administration

image from www.mndigital.comMediaNet, b2b provider of music catalogs and metadata is expanding its offering to include rights administration, reporting and payment for mechanical and performance licenses, as part of a suite of white label master and publishing rights administration tools.

MediaNet currently offers global master
fulfillment and administration for a catalog of more than 25 million tracks to
operators of streaming services, apps and download stores including MOG/Beats and Songza.

MediaNet is entering an increasingly crowded rights services sector that includes HFA's Slinsghot, Music Reports and the Google acquired RightsFlow. PROs including BMI and SESAC are reportedly considering offering similar services as well.

 “By expanding our administration services, MediaNet will become the
only company offering a complete rights and administration package for digital
music service clients,” said Frank Johnson, CEO of MediaNet. “We look forward
to working with publishers, PRO’s, record companies and digital service
providers to create a solution that is beneficial for everyone in the music

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  1. I just happen to be sitting here posting royalty statements issued on behalf of MediaNet based on the data in their system. There are so many errors in what they are reporting that it borders on criminal. Music Reports and Google/Rightsflow are close to being as bad. Anyone seeking administrative services would be fools not to engage those organizations who have been dealing with music publishing and songwriting issues for years and have solid, comprehensive data to back them up. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for legal and administrative nightmares you wouldn’t want to see come true.

  2. MediaNet, of course, have been in business for years – not as administrators of other companies rights for sure – However, they are notorious for their inability to provide clean data from their existing business to rights owners – so, what would be their incentive to upgrade their systems to provide quality service in a micro penny environment.
    Go ahead and sign up if you will … I value the creators I represent too much to take the chance with their money.

  3. Their new venture is about paying creators what they are owed, not taking chances with their money. Get your facts straight and please troll somewhere else.

  4. So now you are not “sitting in your office posting royalty statements issued on behalf of MediaNet” you are just *assuming* how their business quality will be.
    Sad, really sad.

  5. I’m obviously hearing from a lot a MediaNet trolls… Just offering a little forewarning … and suggesting that anyone thinking about signing up with them do a lot of investigation and ask (or have someone who knows how the business works ask) a bunch of tough questions.

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