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Muve Music Has More Paid U.S. Subscribers Than Spotify Does

image from www.mycricket.comCricket Wireless has announced that it's Muve Music services finished 2012 with 1.1 million subscribers, that appears to trump Spotify, who near the end of 2012 proudly announced that it had 1 million paying customers. Since its commercial launch in January 2011, Muve Music has become one of the fastest-growing on-demand digital music services in the U.S.

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Starting at $50 per month, Muve Music is included in Cricket's 3G or 4G LTE no contract unlimited nationwide talk, text, and data plus music plans, Users get unlimited full track downloads, ringtones and ringback tones all for one monthly rate plan.

The Muve catalog inculdes music from all the majors along with independent labels and artists from  Merlin,  CD Baby, IODA, INgrooves, The Orchard and TuneCore.

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  1. Isn’t the fact that they automatically get bundled into the Cricket bill the reason they have so many, though? People automatically get signed up whether they choose to or not.
    That’s as fake of a subscriber count as Google+ social network numbers, since everyone with Gmail automatically gets signed up.
    What would Muve be without Cricket?

  2. $50 a month… That’s the starting price?
    Seems like a biased and leaned on statement though, considering it is pre-loaded etc.

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