Selling Music On iTunes? Fandalism Has Lowest Distro Fees, GeoRiot Simplifies Affiliate Sales

Money-moneyGreat news for musicians is not always good for incumbent services for artists. In the case of iTunes music sales, musicians' network Fandalism is introducing the lowest distribution fees now available for iTunes. Once your music is up, you can increase your revenue through GeoRiot's global iTunes affiliate links. Today GeoRiot relaunched their site and introduced new tools that simplify the process making Fandalism and GeoRiot a solid tag team for indie musicians.

Despite CD Baby recently lowering prices on digital distribution sales, they can no longer claim to be the "lowest of any digital music retailer and direct to fan provider."


Fandalism Introduces Lowest iTunes Distro Fees

Fandalism, a social network for musicians, is launching an extremely low price service for distributing digital music to iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. You have to be a member to join and apparently founder Philip Kaplan isn't looking to make money off the service:

"He argued that the aggregation business is 'a commodity.' He doesn’t see it as a serious moneymaker for Fandalism, but instead as a way to attract new members for social network (you need to be a member to participate in the music distribution program), which he described as 'my true business.'"

"Plus, he said he likes the idea of 'causing trouble' for an existing industry. In fact, the main reason he’s charging anything at all is just to convince musicians that it isn’t a scam."

I guess this is a case of a new generation of disruptors disrupting the previous generation.


GeoRiot Simplifies Affiliate Link Tools & Adds Educational Material

Some related but less dramatic news is today's site refresh of GeoRiot, a service that allows you to increase your music revenue by benefitting from global iTunes affiliate sales. If you're selling your music on iTunes, you'll make more money if you join iTunes' affiliate program and post links using your affiliate code. GeoRiot eases the process of adapting those links to an international audience using nation-specific iTunes stores.

According to a company announcement:

"GeoRiot unveiled today new tools that effortlessly transform links from the iTunes Store and App Store into globally- aware, affiliate links. The launch is accompanied by new and updated resources…[including] a collection of written and interactive materials produced by GeoRiot to educate and assist at every step of the process."

In addition to improving the support process via onsite information, GeoRiot introduced a simplified linking process that should make it much easier for all users.

GeoRiot is also planning to add Amazon links to their service which is especially good news for those selling CDs and vinyl since that's where Amazon excels. Contact GeoRiot if you want to be in on the beta.

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  1. I am using Fandalism! From upload to “live” on itunes has been LIGHTENING FAST!! I am talking MINUTES! Thanx again to PUD and the Fandalism Family!

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