SOLD: CD Baby, Disc Makers, HostBaby

image from photos.prnewswire.comCorinthian Capital has sold their majority take in AVL Digital Group, parent company of CD Baby,
Disc Makers, HostBaby, and BookBaby to Stephens Capital Partners, a private
equity group based in Little Rock, AR. 

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  1. I’m hoping this doesn’t negatively impact CDBaby artists such as myself, such as the creation of a yearly maintenance fee.

  2. No luck. They’ve killed the baby. Fees for membership, fees for uploads, fees for checks, commissions, you name it, they’ll tax it now and flip you the bird. Check out the “overstock” notice BS where they trash CDs, they suck now bad. The party is over. No hope. No change.

  3. CD Baby truly sucks now. Over a decade there, now they’ve lost us. We’ve pulled 4 artist accounts so far. They’re all about money and nothing else now. CD Baby is Greedy Baby now. From sign-up fees, commisions, to check fees to ever changing policy, bogus CD requests that result in “overstock notifictaions” seeking more money to ship or permission to destroy. They only offer silly little clips. Their downloads and slow and tedious and invasive for personal info. They’ll lay claims to artist material on YouTube. Don’t do Greedy Baby. Don’t do Dickmakers.

  4. I am getting really dissapointed in cd baby,with their treatment of musicians,a few of my collegues were warned against using their services for distributing music to itunes etc,in that they were not paying artists what they were due and were not listing sales and accounting correctly.Also, one collegue,found his music in a retail store for sale on amazon.com,saying that they ship music from cd baby,which was strange as my collegue never had physical Cd’s for sale.I wont use them for my music distribution in the future,something is not right with this company.Someone needs to look into this.

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