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Stop Making Them Wait And Give Them The Music

Bastille-band-logo-musicAfter a musician has been performing and writing for a while, it may seem that recording an album is in order. However, Tom Satchwell cautions against this and instead encourages musicians to release singles or music as often as possible. On Music Think Tank, Tom explains how the group, Bastille, is implementing this strategy. What do you think of this strategy?    

“Release more often and you can work on different EPs which lets you experiment with your music, while giving your fans more to listen to, more to talk about and more to share.”

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  1. Sometimes such strategy works, but if you always release something then its not exiting. Both for me as a fan, but also for the media who is going to make the exposure. I like the idea of EP’s, but timing for an album or new single is important.

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