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Why Most Indie Music Groups & Labels Fail

I_love_myself_and_thats_all_that_mattersWhy do groups, labels, and production teams fall apart? Many people have potential for greatness, but their egos hinder them. There are more reasons and Glenn Macrae has created a list based on his professional experience. Check out the list on Music Think Tank. Don’t let these things keep you from achieving your goals.

"Unchecked Egos will tear apart even the closest allies and cause individuals to think they can do better on their own than with the group.”

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  1. I come here often and usually find valuable information. This could have been a good resource for independents had it been written by someone with more experience. Allowing someone with six years of experience to share with us the obvious hurts Hypebot’s credibility. Please allow me to share the first thing that comes to mind based on my experience. How about being cautious of your returns liability and keeping a close watch on your royalties in reserve? Seems to me these are two things that can cripple a good indie quicker than anything else. Thinking you have more money coming to you than you do then finding out that it’s even less than that because you have no idea what’s being returned by retailers is a common mistake by even the savviest indies. Lastly, not meant to flame Glenn because he has some good points. Unfortunately they reside in the common sense category while the article should be specific to indie labels.

  2. Totally agreed, Paul. This is a very generic list that any business owner should have checked off before they even got started. Let’s get more focused on actual music and band stuff.

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