YouTube’s Dirty Little Secret

VagexWith so many people competing for attention on YouTube, it is no wonder that services have come out to help increase or buy views. One company, Vagex, sells YouTube views to make your video look more popular and rank higher in search results. On Music Think Tank, Brian Hazard tests out Vagex to see if the site works and if it could be useful as part of a larger promotional campaign. See what his results were here. What do you think of Vagex and other services like it?


“Ever spotted a terrible video on YouTube with an inconceivably high view count?” (Read On)

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  1. Aren’t the majority of videos on youtube cats and dogs listen to dubstep? I know, because I click one and then another and then another and then I forget why I went there in the first place. Pointless, and sickening… And they all get high view counts. Haha.
    Great post. Thanks, Matt x

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