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Cash-music-dogCASH Music, a "nonprofit organization that builds open source tools for musicians," has launched a hosted version of their free platform designed to help artists take care of business. This will be excellent news for DIY musicians and indie labels who can't afford developers to help them puzzle out the realities of open source. It's still in beta but you can check it out now and help CASH Music with your feedback.

CASH Music has been developing a free, open source platform of tools artists need to "control their own careers." If you're a developer, you can check out the Platform overview on GitHub and find some related info on CASH Music Support.

Their announcement of the hosted version includes the following info:

"The whole idea for the platform is that you bring your accounts, connect them, and use what you already have to make what you need. So connect your Paypal account and your S3 account and sell a download. Connect your MailChimp and your Google Drive: email for download. We provide the workflow, a page you can publish, and an easy (and customizable) HTML5 embed code so you can make it live anywhere."

"Right now the platform does a good job with digital sales, download codes, email collection and email for download promo, downloads via login, and some fun with social networking. We’ll be documenting all that stuff and providing demos in the coming weeks."

You can sign up here to get in on the beta testing phase.

It's a quick process and once you've logged in you land on the Main Page with five categories which are further detailed on their Getting started page:

"Assets: Files, releases, and playlists. Basically anything you'll work on or use for fulfillment somewhere else in the platform."

"People: Email and permission lists, contacts, and press coverage. Right now this is mainly for email lists, but this is where you'll see more social integration and tools for interacting with people — from followers to writers and fans."

"Commerce: Review your orders and set up new items to sell."

"Calendar: Shows and venues."

"Elements: How you publish everything else to the outside world. Very much like the 'widget' idea, elements are bundles for functionality you can publish to your site with a single line of code."

Even if you don't want to be part of the beta but could use such tools, you might want to go ahead and set up an account and get a look. It's all free and they say it will always be free, just like Facebook, except it's yours to control.


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