Chirpify: 0% Transaction Fees For D2F Music & Merch Sales Forever [Limited Time Offer]

Chirpify-loves-musicSocial ecommerce platform Chirpify, which facilitates in-stream social media sales, website sales and fundraising campaigns, is currently offering "independent artists" 0% transaction fees for the rest of their lives if they sign up by the end of February. Dubbed Chirpify Loves Music, the signup process requires you to Tweet your action using the #Chirpifylovesmusic hashtag and, after they check you out online to verify independent status, you'll be set for life.

Chirpify has come a long way since its initial launch as Sell Simply back in 2011. Rory Felton, VP of Music & Entertainment, answered my questions about the company earlier this week but, rather than digging into company history, we focused on the details of their current Chirpify Loves Music campaign that begins today and runs through the end of the month.

Details of the Chirpify Loves Music Campaign

The short version is that independent artists who sign up for Chirpify by February 28th will be able to use their services for life with no transaction fees. Chirpify normally charges 5% in addition to a 2.9% fee to cover PayPal and credit card charges. You'll still have to take care of PayPal and the credit card companies but you'll never have to pay the 5%.

This is an awesome deal for musicians that recognize the value of direct-to-fan sales. Even if you're not quite ready to use the service, Chirpify's Rory Felton informed me that it's ok to sign up now and you'll then be set for life. Given that even big name stars like Trent Reznor have discovered the value of D2F ecommerce, you could well find uses for Chirpify at every stage of your future career.

What Chirpify Offers DIY Musicians

Felton helped catch me up on developments at Chirpify since they've moved beyond their initial focus on ecommerce via Twitter to include Instagram with additional social platform agreements ahead. I couldn't get a partner roadmap out of him but he promised a big announcement would be coming soon.

The Chirpify Loves Music landing page has a quick overview of what Chirpify now offers. In addition to in-stream social sales via Twitter and Instagram, they've added major credit cards to open up payment options beyond PayPal.

Chirpify not only handles the payment process but also provides a web store to display both physical and digital goods with embeddable listings for your website or social media platforms. In addition, Chirpify can collect physical shipping fees and even host and deliver digital goods.

You can also use Chirpify for fundraising with unlimited numbers of fundraisers or crowdfunding campaigns in addition to unlimited numbers of sales. Chirpify provides you with social data and sales analytics so that you'll have the information you'll need to fully evaluate your progress.

For some reason they don't mention that they also report music sales to Soundscan.

Honestly, this offer is kind of a no-brainer, one worth signing up for even if you're content with another service. Chirpify can supplement your current sales solution and you may find it pretty easy to switch over entirely once you've had a chance to test it in action. By the way, I know I'm starting to sound like a sales agent but I get excited when I see a DIY tool that I'm convinced will help artists take control of their careers.

Felton admitted to sharing my positive response to something that he said might sound a bit dry or geeky but I don't think DIY artists are thinking of ecommerce as anything other than a core source of revenue these days.

Chirpify Supports Independent Artist for Multiple Reasons

Last April Chirpify raised $1.3 million enabling them to grow their team and to bring Rory Felton on board. Felton's move to a music tech startup may have surprised some given his outstanding career to date in the music industry that includes a wide variety of accomplishments signified, in part, by being named one of Billboard Magazine's Top 30 Executives Under 30.

He explained to me that he saw the power of what Chirpify was doing and appreciated the fact that, in addition to the corporate clients they serve, they have an opportunity to help out independent artists as well.

I doubt such an offering is totally altruistic. Though Chirpify happens in-stream and fans can buy music and merch simply by replying or commenting with the word "buy," they still have to sign up for an account the first time they respond to an offer. So getting new shoppers on board is key to Chirpify's future success and having the support of DIY artists who recognize a good thing when they see it is a powerful incentive to take that first step.

Chirpify Loves Music continues through the end of the month.

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