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Die For Metal App Continues Tale Of Black Metal Man

Die-for-metalBy Eliot Van Buskirk of

Heavy metal and music apps might not appear to go hand in hand. Yet one writer rose to the challenge of proving otherwise, finding not one but eight truly metal apps with which to melt off your face. Then he found another on top of that: Black Metal Man, which he christened “the most brutal music app ever.”

The folks behind that monstrosity are back with another heavy metal music app: Die for Metal (iOS and Android), a 45-level side-scrolling music game in which the protagonist only has one wish: to become a part of a famous Death Metal band (like this one).

“Die For Metal is a game where you follow a man who wishes to join a famous Death Metal band, and needs to prove himself worthy,” explains SinSquid Games developer Knut Erik Øverjord, whose name we hope is real. ”Battle through three worlds, 45 levels, ride dragons, go bezerk, and die a lot!”

Yeah, that sounds pretty metal. The soundtrack is key for a game like this, and this one comes through with 14 tracks spanning the metal genre (“Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Speed Metal, Melodic Metal, Power Metal, etc.,” says Øverjord. Apparently, he made all of the music in this game too, and it’s pretty good, if you like that sort of thing. So really, this app is a music distribution mechanism cleverly disguised as a game.

After spending some time with Die For Metal, we can confirm its total brutality, as well as the simplicity of its gameplay. All you get is left, right, and jump, although you can double-jump in midair, as well as vaulting off of walls — both moves that come in handy for defeating the boss stages.

Die For Metal costs $1 for iOS (with Apple Gamecenter integration) and $1.10 for Android. If you don’t care about metal, or are unfamiliar with it, that will likely be a waste of money. But A) if you are a metal freak, B) you like casual games, and C) you’re looking to kill some time, it could be worth it.


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