Electronic Music Artist Dot Dot On Making Money Outside Of EDM [VIDEO]

Dot-dotBy Andrew Apanov of Dotted Music and Stand Above The Noise.

Here's the first video in the Stand Above The Noise subseries covering the impact of EDM on underground electronic music. Artur Śleziak a.k.a. Dot Dot, a techno music producer from Wrocław, Poland, talks music, passion, and whether it's possible to make money on non-mainstream music or not.

Electronic Music Is More Than EDM, Part 1 ft. Dot Dot

01:55 – Dot Dot introduction

03:26 – Is it possible to earn a living in your music genre?

05:00 – How does the EDM popularity affects underground music?

06:40 – Would you prefer to have a small loyal fanbase, or to be known worldwide?

08:45 – What is your biggest struggle in music?

Music from Dot Dot:


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