How To Use SoundCloud + Dropify For More Facebook Fans, No Download Fees

"How To" guest post by the team at Dropify.

As an artist, band, DJ or producer using SoundCloud, people can listen to your music or sounds by playing your streams. This is what makes SoundCloud great; right now it may be considered the premier service for streaming music. Why we are emphasizing streaming here? Because that’s what SoundCloud primarily is: A community-based platform to listen to sounds by streaming them.

But what if you want to provide your sounds for download?

It’s possible with SoundCloud, but they limit it to 100 downloads in their Free plan. Everything above that limit requires a paid plan. If your music is great, people will want to download it, so that free limit will be eaten up pretty quickly.

Leverage your SoundCloud downloads by using Dropify

By adding a Dropify download link to your SoundCloud Stream page you’ll kill two birds with one stone: Not only will you no longer have to worry about download limits, but you will also be able to get new Facebook Fans in the process. London-based DJ/producer Mr No Hands works the SoundCloud/Dropify combo to perfection.

Let’s take his setup as an example:


1. His upcoming release, a remix of the Nashville Teens’ “Tobacco Road”, is currently available for STREAM on SoundCloud and for DOWNLOAD on Dropify.

2. On top of his track’s description he posted the short-link to his Drop (the download of his song on Dropify).

3. Additionally, he customized the “Buy” link to read “FREE DOWNLOAD HERE”, which also links to the Drop. (Note: Requires a paid SoundCloud subscription)


4. By activating Forced Like Gating (Optional vs. Forced Like Gating), people are required to Like the artist’s Facebook Page in order to download the Drop.

5. Each download further promotes the track through viral distribution on Facebook as the downloading person instantly shares the activity with his Facebook friends via the News Feed and Activity Feed.


Summary: Stream on SoundCloud, Download on Dropify

The entire download process happens on Dropify, but is initiated on SoundCloud. File hosting, unlimited downloads and viral distribution are taken care of by Dropify.

When it comes to music or sound files, Dropify is not to be considered as a competitor to SoundCloud. In fact, it serves as a way to boost your overall distribution to new heights and to attract new audiences to your music.

– – – – –

Download Mr No Hands’ latest remix “The Nashville Teens – Tobacco Road” for free on Dropify: http://dropify.com/l/BQf

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