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How Does Spotify Compare To Pandora? [INFOGRAPHIC]

image from 3.bp.blogspot.comEven thought they are very different, Spotify and Pandora are often named together as the poster children of streaming music services. They get the most press and both appear to be scaling fastest in the all importnat U.S. market. How else to Spotify and Pandora compare? Take a look at this infographic prepared by online
music licensing vendor The Music Bed:


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  1. I have a the free Spotify version and am pretty sure I stream way over 10 hours a month…Not sure about that fact.

  2. In spotify is more difficult to find the artist, specially if its an indie artists. I am in both and I can easily find me on pandora. Spotify, doesn’t show me as an artist unless I type the name of my album. Even then it takes ages to generate a radio station based on me. Pandora is quick and easy. I also like the fact that no just anyone can get on pandora, they review your music, and have curators, spotify doesn’t. So for those two reasons I like pandora better. On the other hand if spotify, made it easier to find artists, and easier to create radio stations, I would love to try it. Im still trying to figure this thing out. I have a Driod, with their app. Ill update later.

  3. Thank you!
    Excellent infographic. I found that it went a long way towards helping me make a decision.
    My only quible is the lack of specificity regarding the type of ad, I.e. display screen only or audio which is (I suspect) a deal breaker for many listeners.
    Daniel in Parrish, FL

  4. Where can I find out why I give a thumbs up and add a song to playlist and when I go to playlist and tap the song I want to here it gives me several other songs and not the song I want. Is there instructions on how this works I can’t find anything. Ty

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